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As the holiday season rapidly approaches, you may be wondering how you can stay on top of your job hunt while many companies seem to pump the brakes on hiring. Here are some tips on how you can keep up your momentum during the most wonderful time of the year:

Stay on Track

The good news is that many other job-seekers are likely to take a break during the holidays and continue their search once organizations are back to business in January. Although many companies do slow down in December, that doesn’t mean you should. Take advantage of the break and the lack of competition–keep applying for positions, follow-up on any jobs that you are particularly interested in, and, most importantly, stay in contact with recruiters who have reached out to you or hiring managers you’ve previously met with for an interview. Chances are, all of the individuals required to make a hiring decision will be absent at various times over the holiday season. However, it is crucial to remain proactive in your job search and be responsive to any communication so that you are fresh in the hiring manager’s memory once the winter break concludes.

Be Patient

If you choose to reach out to any recruiters or hiring managers, you should do so without any expectation of a response. Being too aggressive with emails, calls, or requests for updates can be off-putting to future employers, especially during a time when it is understood that people will be unplugging and enjoying their time off with loved ones. If you stay on track with your job search, the next course of action is to be patient and enjoy your time off as well.

Use Your Down Time

If you find it hard to step away from the search and dive straight into relaxation mode, think of other ways to stay engaged that don’t involve employers. Update your LinkedIn, reach out to your network and let them know you’re in the job market, refresh your resume, clean up your cover letter, seek out volunteer opportunities, or pick up the book you’ve been meaning to read for ages. This is also the perfect time to reflect on your goals, evaluate your progress, and get a game plan set for the upcoming year.

Apply for Temporary/Seasonal Positions

Keep an eye out for temporary/seasonal positions well before the holidays begin (September or October) since many organizations will anticipate their busy season and seek out additional help before it’s crunch time. Don’t immediately write-off a job simply because it is listed as temporary or seasonal. Many companies will extend full-time offers after the holidays to employees who made a great impression and displayed a solid work ethic. Do your research on the company and try to discover their track record of extending permanent employment to their temporary/seasonal workers. Even if the position doesn’t turn into a full-time job, the experience is still relevant and is a valuable addition to your resume.

Use the holiday break to your advantage and keep your job hunt active while other job seekers hit the snooze button. Your dedication, and your patience, in December could pay off with an employment offer in January.

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