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Job searching is hard, and talking about yourself to a stranger about your unique individuality and intrinsic value sounds like something that came straight out of a nightmare. So, here are some tips, that yes an introvert has compiled, to help job-seeking introverts.

1) Realize that you are unique.

You have probably heard this before, but introverts provide an essential perspective for the workforce because they view ideas from an introverted viewpoint. This means you are a more profound thinker, you are very self-aware, and you can see situations in a way that can surprise most people. 

2) Highlight the characteristics of an introvert, aka yourself, that provide value to the company, during an interview.

These characteristics may include:

  • You are naturally curious and have a tendency to dive into in-depth research.
  • You love to work things out in your mind before you put a plan into action. (Thus leaving fewer margins for error)
  • You love to be prepared and well-read.
  • You are focused.
  • You are considerate.

2)Think about job positions that would best suit your introversion.

According to Carl Jung, the father of psychology, introverts prefer minimal stimulating environments. Thus, impress your potential new boss with your unusual ability to self reflect, and your capacity to recognize what you want. Provide reasons why you are the best for this position. Relay your strengths, gain confidence, and see what happens.

3) Don’t let your mind get the best of you.

Unfortunately, like many things in life, your greatest strength can also be your primary weakness. Introverts are admired for their propensity to delve deep into the crevasses of their minds to find solutions and visualize scenarios that are invaluable to the workforce. However, this can also be your worst nightmare, because it can unintentionally cause you to overthink and never act. Don’t allow your uncultivated mind to become overrun with ideas and possibilities, to the point where you never work.

Find a path you like, stick with it, and you will prosper.

If you are still not sure you are confident enough to master your interview, please review our blog posts, or feel free to contact us directly. We post regularly, and there is a multitude of preparation tips and confidence boosters that are made for a nervous job seeker. 

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