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The staffing industry occupies a very significant niche in the employment world today. Gone are the days when the workforce went from company to company looking for areas where their skills could be applicable. We have also left the era where newspaper advertisements were the dominant means for companies to let people know that they were hiring. However, employers still need to get a skilled workforce. Sometimes the resources to get the work done are unavailable, and it can be increasingly challenging to find skilled labor through conventional means. Yet, there are millions of workers in the market that are seeking jobs where they can apply their expertise. Starting your own staffing agency solves both of these problems by connecting these workers to employers. The staffing industry is now rated among the ten fastest growing industries in the past decade which could remain the case for a long time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, it could continue to lead in creating new employment opportunities for the next ten years and even further into the future.

Roles of a staffing agency in the economy

A staffing agency’s main aim is to bring together employers and employees for all kinds of job opportunities. The following facts show how beneficial the industry could continue to be to the economy and its stakeholders.

  • Staffing agencies take on contract work, seasonal or temporary assignments, permanent placement, and training opportunities like internships and attachments. Such practice can ensure that they appropriately provide workforce solutions for businesses and companies and the specific type of skills each of them are looking for. A staffing business also provides career and job opportunities for the labor force. For these reasons, it can be flexible to both parties.
  • Other than flexibility, the staffing industry could help cut costs for companies and could now be considered the most significant recruitment business strategy.
  • A staffing agency can work with every sector from offices, to hospitals and research facilities, to construction sites and other industrial-type jobs. And it covers all types of labor from manual, to white-collar, and everything in between.  
  • Starting a staffing agency could be a tremendous employment opportunity. In America, the industry could employ more than three million people on contract and temporary employment in one week, making a total of approximately 15 million workers per year. More than three-quarters of these opportunities offer full-time employment.
  • A staffing agency could be a source that leads to permanent employment for many candidates. Even though, according to the numbers it mainly provides temporary and contract jobs, half the population thinks that staffing work could eventually lead to permanent placement. Statistics show that a third of these temporary assignments led to an offer for permanent work where 66% of candidates accepted these offers. 99% of candidates said that working with a staffing agency made them much more employable.
  • Staffing agencies can bridge the skills gap. They can do this by helping graduates new to the job market receive training and develop the skills needed in preparation for entry-level skilled jobs.

The statistics above were sourced from the American Staffing Association.

The few advantages the staffing industry presents to the nation’s economy mentioned above speak for themselves. With about two decades of work experience and an outstanding track record, Nextaff could continue to provide established workforce strategies and a rewarding business model. Although the industry growth projections could continue to thrive, the market continues to evolve, and you will need to know what it takes to stand out. As such, we continuously offer useful and appropriate information for investors thinking of starting a staffing franchise. We equip our franchise owners with different ways to help them have an opportunity to take advantage and get the best out of this sector. Be sure to subscribe to our blog, or sign up for free information and downloads about the staffing industry and the Nextaff staffing franchise. For more information, contact us.