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Have you worked for your company for a while but haven’t been acknowledged with an increase in pay? Asking for a raise can feel intimidating, but a company will rarely offer more money without being asked. It’s imperative that feel comfortable talking to your employer about your financial needs just like you would with any other topic. Here are a few tips to get you over the hump so you can ask for a raise.  

Prepare Ahead of Time 

Before you speak with your boss about a raise, do some homework. Look at salaries in the area for the job you’re doing. See what is typically for people with your specific skillset and evaluate where your current salary is compared to the averages. 

Build Your Case 

Next, you need to have a good reason to ask for the raise. You have to demonstrate to your boss that your contribution is worth the additional investment. Put together your case based on the work you’ve done, your accomplishments, and your dedication to the company.  

Know the Right Time 

It’s also important that you pick the right time to have this conversation with your boss. If there is extreme stress going on in the office, it may be a good idea to wait. It’s also a good idea to ask your boss for an appointment so you know they’re focused solely on your conversation.  

Be Clear and Specific 

When you make your case, be sure to speak clearly and make specific points. It’s human nature to want to be more passive when asking for something because we feel that we need to soften the message. But that’ isn’t the case there a big gap between passive and aggressive and you need to ask clearly and confidently without allowing room for interpretation of your message.  

Demonstrate Gratitude 

Of course, when you ask, you also need to show your gratitude. This includes being appreciative of the job you’re currently doing, the environment, and your boss. Gratitude shows that you understand that this is a partnership and an ecosystem and you want to be a part of that organization.  

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