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There’s a difference between having an entrepreneurial spirit and the experience necessary to run your own business. If you’re considering buying a staffing franchise after having spent several years learning the trade and practicing property, business, and employee management in an already established company, you’re doing it right! This means that when you venture out to become your own boss, you know what it takes to be a good leader, manage company finances, and have a realistic idea of how your team will work together to achieve your goals. You also understand the needs of a big company, like the constant search for quality staff and the difficulties finding good recruits. This experience and knowledge will help you to become a great leader in your own staffing franchise.

Leveraging Business Contacts

During your first career, how many people did you meet? In the business world, the number of contacts you can make both with individuals and other companies is astronomical. However, as a new staffing franchise, contacts are worth more than gold. Every individual in your Contact database is a skilled professional who may eventually be looking for a new job or knows someone who is. There is also a very good chance that your company contacts are hiring, they always are, and would be more than happy to accept recruit recommendations from an experienced professional that already understands their company culture and standards for hiring. 

Building Your Network

One of the most powerful tools for a staffing service is your network of contacts. Who you know influences who you can call on. They don’t all have to be active clients or waiting recruits because not every situation is the same. Because fitting a professional to a position is such a personal experience for those involved, the variety and quality of your connections will have a profound influence on your ability to make your clients and candidates happy. By starting with those you already know, you can quickly make inroads to create a wide-spread net of companies and individuals ranging from ‘actively seeking’ to ‘open to suggestions’. As your staffing franchise grows, people will come to you because being on your network will mean a much higher chance for a happy, productive placement.

A Well-Connected Team

It’s important to remember that you’re not just hiring for yourself. Your initial employees and those you bring in as the business grows will contribute to your network. The people and companies they know will build onto the connections already available. By creating a communal and supportive environment, you can ensure their recruiting work is enhanced by the company contacts and encourage your team to add their personal connections to the pool so that everyone can benefit. Between the contacts people arrive with and those created in the process of making excellent staffing matches, soon your shared network will be much larger than any individual could collect. This creates an environment where even the most difficult matches can be connected because there are so many options to choose from.

Running a staffing franchise is all about who’s hiring and who you can call to either fill a position or find one for a specialized candidate. You perform a vital service, reducing the unemployment rate in a way that makes everybody happy and fills important roles in useful companies. The personal and business contacts you gained from your previous careers learning how to run a business are invaluable in the first few months of running your own staffing company and will act as the seeds for the massive network you will soon build through hard work and cultivation. If you’d like more information about starting your own staffing franchise, contact us today or watch our video!