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It’s easy to watch employment trends, including those affecting staffing franchise owners, go up and down. Any economic event can affect an organization’s jobs, and small businesses are most vulnerable because of their lack of resources. Employment trends are an important indicator of current economic conditions. In reality, major national economies are closely connected. Creating jobs does not happen by accident. It happens as a result of continuous economic growth.

What Must Occur

All job growth depends on forward-thinking governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations. These entities must include leaders who are willing to taking risks; they must forecast a need to hire additional people. They must not be afraid to spend in anticipation of future need. They risk failure and being blamed for their organization’s financial losses. What’s even more serious is that the number of total jobs in a national economy won’t increase without these risk-takers. Even as leaders in different industries recommend job creation, jobs may be lost. Any decline in profits is a potential reason for an organization to reduce present staffing levels.  

The Job Searcher’s Perspective

Today’s unemployed workers are aware more than most of us that we live in a very competitive economy. There are many who finish their years of college education and have difficulty finding a job that matches their qualifications. They may have trouble repaying their student loans, and they must live with their parents or in other temporary situations until they locate employment. They may work with a staffing franchise to get started in full-time work, even on a contract basis. Recently, we were reading an interesting article from TheMuse.com that was a link on the American Staffing Association’s website. It looks at the staffing industry from a job searcher’s perspective, including the insight that job searchers who use an agency recruiter will have a “significant amount of say” on where they will get placed. That’s because they have already met with the staffing agency’s recruiter and explained their qualifications, work style, skills, and types of positions desired. While the recruiter handles matching the candidate with suitable positions, a job searcher has time to fill out other applications and attend interviews.  

Getting Through

People often turn to staffing agencies for assistance because they need to get through to their next house payment or rent check. If you think about the staffing agency’s role from a job seeker’s perspective, he is happy when a recruiter can find him a job that relates to his desired field. He wants a regular paycheck to meet his basic economic needs. A job seeker can also work out her two weeks’ notice when a recruiter finds her a better position. The experience she gains at a temp job becomes another entry on her resume. She makes industry contacts that will help her to land a permanent job in the future.

Helping Communities 

Entrepreneurs who decide to open a staffing agency through a franchise opportunity are in a great position to help job seekers in any economy. They match employers with people with the right mix of qualifications, which has economic benefits for those individuals and their families. Recruiters help local communities become more stable because fewer people will depend on unemployment benefits when they are placed in temp jobs. These temporary workers know that their unemployment benefits will soon run out, leaving them even more desperate to find work.

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