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Finding quality talent can be difficult, and hiring quality talent can be even harder. If you feel like you’ve tried every method there is, you’re not alone. Thousands of hiring professionals spend many hours a week looking for their next new hire. Whether it’s proactive or reactive, the hiring process can be tiresome, tedious, and often times, a poor use of time. The typical steps for hiring include posting the job, reviewing resumes, conducting phone screens, possibly conducting assessments, potentially having multiple rounds of in-person interviews, deciding on a candidate, and finally making that offer.

While experience is something that can be quantified fairly easily, organizational fit is something that can be almost impossible to test for, let alone remain EEOC compliant, and embrace the values and opportunities that diversity brings. What if you were able to eliminate virtually all of those steps?  What if you could shrink that process down to in-person interviews with only the most qualified and best fitting?

If you prefer the logic of science over the flexibilities of philosophy, the XFACTOR will be your most trusted and loyal advisor.  You see, we at NEXTAFF have created a proprietary process that will save you time, money, and effort. Let us do all the heavy lifting and leave you with the final interview and decision. With a little input from the hiring manager, we will create an XFACTOR profile for the position you’re looking to fill. Using that process, we will attract, contact, weed out the unfit, review and further contact the best fit, and then recommend the top XFACTOR candidates for a final interview with you. These candidates will be assessed on integrity, cognitive ability, and personality. The recommended candidates will be phone screened by our professionals. Only those who impress us will move to the in-person interview with us. Those that pass our structured interview will then be scheduled to interview with you. In order to hire quality talent, you must use a quality process. The XFACTOR is it. Download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting The Perfect Hire” below and contact us today! If you do, you will be one step closer to that Grade-A employee.

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NEXTAFF helps companies Hire Quality Employees.  By offering a complete range of temporary staffing agency services, we help your company – no matter where you are in your business evolution – raise productivity through hiring better quality employees. We are able to service all your staffing agency needs with local staffing offices in Raleigh-NC, Overland Park-KS, Topeka-KS, Kansas City-MO, Dallas-TX, Gulf Coast-MS, Phoenix-AZ, Miami-FL, and Harrisburg-PA.