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When Americans spend ten hours a day looking at their TVs, phones, or tablets, it would be a missed opportunity not to utilize technology during the hiring process. In fact, more and more companies are moving large portions of their hiring operations to the web.

When it comes to online portals and pre-interview assessments, Nextaff has been ahead of the curve.

With interviews, on-boarding, training, and benefits, the cost of hiring a new employee is too high to waste valuable time on candidates who are unfit for the job. That’s why Nextaff perfected the hiring process with web-based portals for candidates and employers alike. These portals offer a wide range of tools to discover quality candidates who are ideal not only to the job description, but to the culture of your organization.

Squeezed for Time? 

Time will always be a factor. Even if you have six months to fill a position, no employer wants to see staff wasting time sifting through unimpressive resumes of unqualified applicants. Furthermore, there’s a limit to how long you can logically expect to keep a candidate in a room full of interviewers, which means there’s a limit to how well you can get to know the person you may be inviting to work on your team for the next five, ten, or twenty years. That’s why it’s so important to know as much about a candidate as possiblebefore the interview.

Our X-FACTOR assessments are created with your exact needs in mind. They can contain as many questions as you want on as many topics as you need to know about, measuring everything from cognitive processing and integrity to personality traits, time management, organizational skills, and leadership style.

As a hiring tool, assessments separate the good from the bad, but also the passionate from the passive, filtering out those who don’t have the desire, skill set, or drive to succeed in the position. 

Convenience and Quality

The beauty of X-FACTOR technology is that your job-specific assessments can be completed and reviewed at any time. It would take hours to ask a single applicant 100 questions. Depending on how big the candidate pool is for a given position, it could take weeks to ask every applicant that many questions. With X-FACTOR, each assessment is objectively ranked, “recommended,” and moved to the top of the queue, where Nextaff selects the highest scores and forwards them to you for review.

All of this happens before you ever see a resume or sit down for an interview. And this is just one step in our nine-phase X-FACTOR process.

To learn more about how we can help deliver quality talent to your organization, download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” and contact us online today.

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