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Overworked and underpaid (or at least feel that way)? So many feel the same way. Is it that everyone is burning the candle at both ends so much that they just have nothing left to give to their bosses, managers, and co-workers? There’s a good chance that job burnout is not as simple as just needing a vacation or a weekend of self-care. Instead, burnout might come from something more fundamental: a loss of meaning in work.

Let’s talk really quickly about meaning. It’s hard to define, but we all know when something really means something to us: when it becomes so significant that it’s a huge part of our lives. Now think about work. It is a huge part of all of our lives. We typically spend most of the day at work, but more often than not, it’s easy to feel like work has no real meaning. This makes it easy to compartmentalize: work goes here, and personal life goes there, right? But it doesn’t have to be this way. All work has meaning, and if you are getting paid, you are in the business of creating meaning.

Don’t believe it? Well, all of us work for someone. Even the bosses and managers have the job of working to make sure things are running smoothly, tasks are completed on time, and the company is continuing to grow for everyone. If you’re feeling burned out on your work, it might be time to ask yourself what kind of meaning you are creating. Even the smallest task is contributing to the overall functioning of a company, and because of that, all work is important. This ranges from the person in charge of maintenance, to the managers, right up to the CEO.

So the next time you are feeling burned out, or the next time you wake up in the morning dreading your commute to work, it might be good to keep in mind that your work is important and helps contribute to the bigger picture. Sure, take a vacation sometimes, because time away from work is helpful too, but most importantly keep in mind that your work always means something to someone. 

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