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Whatever your field of interest, the job market is constantly changing. This means the talent pool has to evolve as well. Your resume is the first key to making a top company notice you. If you have not updated this valuable tool since college, it is not likely to stand out to future employers. Use these tips to reinvent your personal document to get more and better interviews.

  • Modernize your resume by ditching overused phrases. Delete cliché phrases such as “my responsibilities included”, “references available upon request” and “list of duties”.
  • Use keywords to move your resume to the front of the line. Today’s employers often use electronic screening of resumes that sort these documents by particular words and phrases. Choose the keywords that are applicable to the job you seek. For example, a graphic designer could use “creative”, “detailed”, “transformed” and “targeted”.
  • Highlight your most impressive achievements. Make note of any honors or awards you attained along with your educational and job accomplishments.
  • Bring attention to your concrete and soft skills. List the languages you know, software programs you have mastered and equipment with which you are proficient.
  • Trim you resume down if it is more than one page. Lose the fluff and strive to make each word meaningful.
  • Always send it as a Microsoft Word document when you transmit electronically. Look for software to convert your resume to a MS Word file if you used a different word processing program to create it.
  • Use standard fonts such as Times New Roman rather than anything difficult to read. Maintain uniform structure and lettering size. Remember to put function before style.
  • Place a hyperlink to your LinkedIn page. Test it to make sure it directs correctly.
  • Proofread your resume until it is error free. Share it with friends and ask for their toughest feedback so you can improve it further.

A modernize resume is sharp, focused and effective. Do the necessary work to reinvent yours and get the position you want. Contact us for more information on successful job hunting.