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May 01, 2019 // Franchising.com // The corporate world can be a comfortable place with its steady income and predictability. But after many years in a corporate job, you may begin to feel stifled. After all, you need to work within set hours, and may desire more work/life balance and a higher income potential. You might have new ideas, but no support to implement them. And do you want to be your own boss? If these sentiments resonate with you, a corporate job to entrepreneurship may be your next career transition.

However, leaving a corporate job to start your own business is a major step and you may be wondering if you have what it takes. Here’s why you have more transferable skills and advantages than you think, and they can benefit you as a business owner too.

A Positive Culture

If you’ve been exposed to a positive company culture, you’ve seen the direct impact it has on productivity and morale firsthand. You may have even helped influence it to maintain a positive workplace. Many of those culture-building practices – creating an atmosphere of collaboration, team-based goals, open dialogue, transparency and support – can be put to work for your business. If you’re looking for a franchise, determine if the values and culture match that of your own.

Systems and Processes

Working for a corporation gives you an advantage when building your business. You learn time management, budgeting, working with people at all levels and strategic planning. Depending on your role, you may have had to learn analytical processes and/or acquire sales skills. Having systems and processes in place are key for any business – whether it’s one you are starting from scratch or an established franchise.

A Network of Support

You likely have dozens of former colleagues and vendor relationships that have benefited you over the years. Continuing to foster those connections (and new ones) can help you build your business. Peers can provide advice, an introduction to someone in their circle or a referral. Continue to network with these individuals through social media, one-on-one direct communication, and in-person networking at industry and community events.

Experience and Credibility

You’ve built a successful career in the corporate world and you have great potential to make it as an entrepreneur. Having experience at a large or big-name company can open doors when starting your new business. The corporate world gives you instant credibility when you transition to entrepreneurship – you’ve proven yourself before, and maybe even on a larger scale.

Make a Smooth Transition from a Corporate Job to Entrepreneurship

You have many skills to bring to your new business, and investing in a franchise can help make the transition from a corporate career to entrepreneurship a smooth one. A franchise provides a proven model of success, resources, training and support and a team of franchise owners.

Written By: BirthdayPak