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As the New Year rings in, many companies are starting to look at hiring recent winter and soon-to-be spring graduates. However, traditional hiring practices are simply no longer effective. Many hiring managers are simply unaware of the new scientifically-backed studies that would help them find the best talent.

Key Things To Look For To Hire Quality Talent

If you have ever hired someone, spent months training them, and then realized it was a giant waste of time, you may have experienced a trap that many employers fall into. They hire someone for what they know, but they should be hiring quality talent based on who that individual is and how they will fit in with your organization. In fact, studies suggest culture fit is the most important indication of whether or not a new hire will last in your organization. A few key culture based things to look for in new hires are:

  • Integrity
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Personality
  • Ability to work in a team/independently
  • Competitiveness
  • Flexibility

Granted, education and experience still matter; however, education and experience alone cannot predict whether or not your new hire is actually a good fit for the job and the organization.

New Hiring Practices To Implement In The New Year

Traditional hiring consists of posting on a job board, receiving way too many resumes to adequately look through, picking out the eye-catching ones, and then weeding through potential candidates with phone and in-person interviews. But what if there was a better way? Through a proprietary process known as X-FACTOR, you can find quality talent that will add value to your business. Using this methodology, benefits include:

  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Improved job performance
  • Increased employee retention
  • Fewer worker’s compensation claims
  • Less time wasted on incompatible employees
  • Faster, more productive interviews

Find The Quality Talent Your Company Needs

Unfortunately, most hiring practices today overlook the quality talent that could be right in front of them. If you’re ready to give up on traditional hiring methods and switch to a science-backed methodology with proven results, download our free whitepaper below on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire“.  For more information on how you can improve your hiring process, find high quality talent and retain the quality employees you already have, contact us today!

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