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You might not think of the on-boarding process as part of hiring, but those first few weeks of your employee’s time with your company are crucial for hiring and retaining quality talent. It sets the tone for the employees time with you, and it solidifies this person’s decision to stay. After all, they haven’t befriended any coworkers yet, and they haven’t ‘spent’ much time with your company, so they are free to bolt if it starts to look like your company is not a good fit for them.

It’s best if the new hire is mentally ready for the on-boarding process. That way they can make the most of their on-boarding experience and start their career with you on the right foot. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare the potential new hire through the interview process so that they can do that. Just follow these tips:

1. Be Explicit In Your Job and On-boarding Description

There are many benefits to describing job duties accurately and in detail when posting openings, and one of them is that the new hire is not surprised by what you are asking them to train for. It also helps to explain what types of training you provide in the first couple of days. If you can’t put these in a job posting, be sure that comes up in the interview. You don’t want an employee you just hired to arrive at work on their first day expecting to do one project and ending up being completely unprepared to do another project that you are needing them to do.

2. Try Work Samples

Using work samples as an interviewing technique doesn’t just give you a great idea of what a candidate’s real skills are, it allows you to fine tune your on-boarding process for him or her. This person has demonstrated that they have mastered the skill set you want so that you can focus on getting the appropriate paperwork filled out and making the introductions. Work samples also allow you to introduce them to potential coworkers and gauge other people’s reactions of the candidate. You want to be able to ease your new employee into the job as soon as you have picked someone, and seeing how a person works can help you decide how to do that.

3. Talk About The Entire Organization In The Interview

People pay better attention to their training when they understand how they fit into the system and how their training is contributing to their position. Otherwise, they could be tempted to slack on their work. They don’t have to understand every last detail on their first day, but it is helpful to include an overview of the company’s structure and workflow in the interview. This will help a potential employee decide if they will fit into your company as well as appreciate how important their paperwork and training is.

If you are curious about how to improve your on-boarding processes, or any other aspect of hiring quality talent, feel free to download our free whitepaper on ‘Perfecting The Perfect Hire.’ You can also contact us for more information.

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