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Hiring candidates during the workforce transition is hard. Our expertise and proprietary screening processes make the process much easier. Listed below are some ways your company can optimize the hiring process to find strong matches. A strong match happens when a prospect is a fit for most (if not all) of your company’s needs.


Hiring employees should not be based on their charm or personality, but based on a set of key metrics which are outlined before applicants first see the hiring request. This includes things like where your company will be searching—e.g. freelancer platforms, job boards, job/hiring forums, social media, etc.

Also included in your process should be a common set of questions including experience and perspective inquiries. Drilling down and asking for prospects to respond to a theoretical situation may also be beneficial. The process is often your most valuable tool when seeking to hire employees in positions which require soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills.


A process will not be effective unless it is practiced to iron out the kinks in the pipeline. Practicing with current employees can allow you to see if your questions align with the company culture, if you are missing vital job-specific questions, or if you need to add or remove questions based on job expectations.


Working with people will require some degree of performance analysis, honed through the practice process. Performance analysis will include looking at likable candidates from an objective point of view and evaluating well-qualified candidates objectively with your interpersonal skill requirements in mind.

Failure to balance these factors can often result in a mismatch. We can help your company facilitate a temp-to-hire process for some positions to ensure that your new employees can do the job before hiring them into the company.

Click on the link below to download and learn more about Nextaff and Perfecting the Perfect Hire. And feel free to reach out to us so we can help you start the hiring process with your new employees.

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