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The American Staffing Association (ASA) has just released data on which recruiting strategies job seekers prefer most. Harris Poll surveyed 1,000+ adults on behalf of ASA during December 2015. Here’s a look at what they found and what the findings mean for you.

  • ASA finding: More than three in four job seekers (77%) prefer human interaction when looking for work.

What the data means for you: Make the most of personal connections to recruit employees. As a staffing agent, use personal phone calls rather than e-mail to follow up on job applications. Tell your business acquaintances when you are hiring and ask for referrals. Offer incentives for current employees who recommend your agency. Allow plenty of time for initial interviews so that you and the applicant feel comfortable with each other. Be sure your office conveys a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

  • ASA finding: Almost half (46%) of job seekers view the web as their most helpful resource.

What the data means for you: In addition to personal connections and word-of-mouth, rely on social media to help recruit applicants. Post openings to job boards —26% of job seekers list job boards as the most useful tool for job hunters. Post openings on your website — 15% of job seekers list employer websites as the most useful tool.

  • ASA finding: A majority of job seekers (61%) are uneasy about sharing too much personal employment information on a website.

What the data means for you: Offer your applicants a secure website and, as part of the application process, explain your security measures. As an alternative, simplify the online application. If information in the initial application matches the job requirements, invite the applicant to provide more details during an interview or by completing a detailed application at your office.

  • ASA finding: Job seekers use a mix of approaches in the job search, including word of mouth (63%), job boards (62%), help wanted ads (52%), and staffing agencies (42%).

What the data means for you: Use a variety of strategies to acquire talent. Network, connect, post jobs, and use the services of a professional staffing agency.

Perhaps most important, stay up to date on staffing trends and research. Seek out professional organizations and publications for current information.