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As we enter into 2020, it’s easy to see just how many millennials are in the workforce. If you’re looking to hire, it can be challenging to understand the motivations of millennials, and to make sure you are hiring the right fit for your company. Not only will our XFactor process help with the decision making process, but here are just a few tips for hiring quality millennials that fit with your business goals.

Share the Right Information

When starting your recruitment search, make sure you have a strong, detailed job description ready for millennial candidates. What are the best items to highlight? Millennials are interested in seeing detailed growth opportunities, excellent benefits, and what success looks like in the particular role they are applying for. According to Five No-Fail Ways to Master Hiring Millennials, “Millennials aren’t the entitled generation we’ve been sold to believe. Instead, they care about office perks like mentorship opportunities, continuing education, and attending industry-insider conferences.” Don’t forget to share with candidates how your company is making a positive impact, as many millennials care just as much, if not more, about the social impact of a career as its financial success.

Consider Potential Rather Than Experience

The job market is booming with Millennials, which means less experienced workers to screen during your hiring process. Because of this, you should capitalize on an individual’s willingness and desire to learn rather than their experience. Typically, millennials are known for their passion and bold ideas. Use this to your advantage by asking the right questions during the screening process or in those one-on-one interviews. In 10 Mistakes To Avoid When You Hire Millennials, they suggest that you “hire the ones who show the most potential, have them learn on the job and make a decision about them from there. After all, that’s how Google hires employees—and look where it got them.” Enough said, right?

Get On Their Level

Millennials have truly changed the way many employers approach the hiring process in this day and age. One of the many ways this has impacted typical recruitment techniques is the sheer necessity of a company’s technological skill. Millennials aren’t going door-to-door to find their next job opportunity, and they are relying less on personal references than the previous generation. Instead, they are relying on job recruitment sites, LinkedIn and Facebook posts, and other social media platforms. An easy step that businesses can take to bridge this gap? Show initiative in all social media platforms. “You need to keep each channel up to date and aligned with your corporate website,” according to these Must-Adopt Recruiting Techniques to Hire Millennials; “Nothing screams ‘we don’t care about our company’ than a blog that hasn’t been updated…If you can’t demonstrate that you care, how can you expect a potential new employee to care?”

As you consider taking a chance on these wildly passionate and misunderstood group of talent, make sure to let us aid in your recruitment process. Download “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” and learn more about how the XFactor can help you hire quality talent, no matter the demographic. Contact us directly to get started today.

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