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What might have been a very different blog post before the shelter in place orders across the United States, we feel that addressing retention in light of COVID-19 will be an essential conversation in the months to come. Today’s workplace looks different than it ever did before. Essential workers, who are made up of anyone from grocery store employees to healthcare workers, are on the front lines. And other employees can work from home. How can you, as a Sonoma employer, hold on to your best workers in this very unconventional year.  

Flexible Work Schedules 

While COVID-19 has changed the workplace in the short term, with more employees working from home, it could also lead to a more long-term change. Many workers have been longing for more flexible schedules to allow them to take care of important personal business around their work hours. Employers who allow flexible schedules are not seeing an abuse of the system but more dedication from employees on the job.  

Sick Leave and Personal Time Off Policies 

While a major medical emergency, like the novel coronavirus, is a hard way to learn a lesson about sick pay, it may be an important one. Sick pay in the US is not federally mandated, so organizations can make determinations as long as they’re compliant with local laws. Providing more time off helps your employees stay engaged on the job.  

Work from Home Opportunities 

While work from home is not possible for many jobs, we are learning that more jobs can be done at home. And that’s under the most dire of conditions. It won’t be forever that families are all confined by stay at home orders, so working from home will be a viable option for many workers to handle without distraction.  

Invest in Development 

Finally, everyone wants to know that their contribution is valued and that their employers see the value in their continued investment. Your team wants to continue to grow and learn in their careers, and if you don’t provide those opportunities, they will seek them out elsewhere. Giving your team options for continued learning and advancement opportunities will be critical to employee satisfaction.  

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