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Finding that employee or team member with the right fit doesn’t have to be a difficult or timely task. Reading through meaningless resumes and conducting unproductive interviews is a thing of the past! Nextaff has the answers for hiring quality talent by use of a methodical and even scientific approach. Using Nextaff to help hire employees makes it possible to not only save time, but also money down the road because weeding through potential candidates can be time-consuming and the process of firing and rehiring can be extremely costly to employers.

Here’s How It Works:

Nextaff has created a proprietary process, known as the X-FACTOR, which reveals the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates so that employers can better place their staff in positions that they can thrive in. There is a science to understanding how people behave and interact among each other as well as being able to pinpoint individual qualities. Nextaff has the tools to tap into these logistics by using methodically crafted questionnaires in which the results unveil the roots of an individual’s talents.

The difference between traditional hiring techniques and the X-FACTOR method is screening employees based on what they know versus who they are. The X-FACTOR uses the following tests and techniques to narrow down the candidates’ potential for success as it correlates to who they are, thus providing quality talent for those in search of filling any position and retaining successful team members.

  • Work Sample Test
  • Cognitive Ability Test
  • Structured Interviews
  • Job Trial (temp to hire)
  • Job Knowledge Test
  • Integrity Test
  • Personality Test

When the results of these methods are combined they provide the best indicators for a successful employee-to-position match. And the best part is that Nextaff takes the time to administer these tests and conducts the reviews so the employer doesn’t have to, which saves the organization time and money! Once a candidate makes it through the process and is considered qualified for the position in question, then the employer gets the opportunity to conduct their own face to face interview to finalize the process.

All Things Considered:

Another thing to consider when a business is looking to hire long-term employees or team members, is how costly it can be to have to fire someone if they don’t work out. For example, as stated by the Center for American Progress: “… businesses spend about one-fifth of an employee’s annual salary to replace that worker. ” Therefore when looking to fill a position it is in the employer’s best interest to make sure they are hiring quality talent that will be there for the long run; this can be accomplished by utilizing the X-FACTOR and taking the guesswork out of it.

Nextaff allows scientific methods to be the guide. In order to optimize an organization’s group of team members it’s important to break down the process. For example in the article Investing in Strengths it states: “At the individual level, the “strengths” approach, at its optimum, involves identification of talent… A strength is the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity.” To learn more about how to identify these quality talents among candidates download our free white paper on perfecting the perfect hire.