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The worst thing may not be losing a top employee.  For a lot of HR Directors and small business owners, losing a mediocre employee is even more discouraging. You don’t have any idea how to find a better candidate this time. All you know is to put the word out and attract another avalanche of applications to sift through. If you find some good prospects, you may find yourself wondering if they will turn out to be as unimpressive as the employee who just left. Afterall they ended up near the top of the pile and interviewed pretty well.

There is a way to detect the X-FACTOR your company needs

Nextaff’s X-FACTOR is the proven, efficient way to hire and keep the quality talent you’re looking for. The groundbreaking X-FACTOR recruiting methodology uses recent scientific research to fill your positions with people who will make a difference in your business. The old methods are now obsolete. 

We start by interviewing you so we understand which hires will succeed in your environment. From that research, we go on to produce first a hiring plan, then an effective job description. We set up an online profile with this information, defining the X-FACTOR criteria for this specific opening.

Next, we attract candidates through the most appropriate social media and online job boards for the specific positions you want to fill. When we have the candidates, we select only the top contenders for a cognitive, integrity and personality test.  We analyze the results of this scientific screening and compare the finalists against your X-FACTOR criteria. We determine the best matches via a final phone screening.  Only the best possible candidates go on to a face-to-face interview with you. With their X-FACTOR data in hand, you talk to the best candidates and choose your new employee.

You save more than time

The X-FACTOR process is attractive because you will be hiring quality talent while enjoying significant time savings. But it’s not just your time that we value. The stress of conducting a search without a scientific approach takes its toll on you and your team. We eliminate every stress point but the final decision — which can be hard when the X-FACTOR scores deliver you two or more excellent potential employees. But that kind of challenge is worth it when multiple quality people compete to be part of your business. 

To learn more about what the science behind Nextaff’s X-FACTOR can do for your company, simply download our free white paper, Perfecting the Perfect Hire. When you want to start bringing consistently qualified talent aboard without the usual recruitment headaches, reach out to us and we’d love to help!