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At Nextaff, we are committed to improving the recruitment and hiring process. Our goal is to provide the highest possible ratio of successful hires by applying knowledge revealed by decades scientific research on successful (and unsuccessful) hiring.

By the Numbers

Finding the right fit and quality talent saves money. We conservatively estimate that the average cost of hiring and training a new employee is two-and-a-half times the value of their combined salary and benefits package.

Our recruiting and screening practices focus on specific techniques and their correlations with successful hires. The highest correlation with hiring success we have measured is the work sample test, which probes an employee’s performance by prompting candidates to provide samples of the work they can produce.

Research on our integrity test shows that its implementation reduces workers’ compensation costs by 40-60% and reduces employee turnover by 25%.

Culture Fit

Hiring quality talent can depend on cultural factors and not just ability. Every workplace has its culture and every prospective employee has cultural preferences that work best for them. A talented new hire may decide to stay with your company or leave based entirely on cultural aspects of your workspace.

We developed the XFactor process to identify cultural aspects of positions and match these factors with the desires of top quality candidates. This takes our screening process way beyond the traditional resume and unstructured interview process to a methodology that looks at the factors scientifically shown to improve new hire retention and productivity.

The Structured Interview

The traditional unstructured interview yields too much uncertainty and inconsistency. We utilize a structured interview process that provides consistent, reliable data for ongoing research on hiring success.

Ultimately, finding the right top quality talent for your position comes down to emulating techniques that are consistently successful. We specialize in research and following the practices that have been scientifically proven to yield success. Contact us to learn more about our state of the art recruitment process!