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When unemployment is high, it can feel like a losing battle to try to apply for jobs with this much competition. Add to that the adversity of living with a global pandemic and it may seem impossible. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a new job right now. Some strategies can help you find your next opportunity.  

In-Demand Opportunities 

While some companies, and entire industries, are experiencing a hiring freeze there are opportunities in some fields. Some in-demand positions include jobs in warehouses and as sales associates. Healthcare workers in a variety of capacities are also highly sought after. But keep in mind that some of these positions require in-person attendance and cannot be done remotely. But that doesn’t mean other opportunities aren’t available. It’s always worth searching.  

COVID-19 Response Plans 

When you do an interview or talk to potential employers about opportunities, it’s okay to ask about their COVID-19 response plan. Knowing that you will be safe in the workplace is critical to your performance and success. Not only do you need to know how they handle physical distancing, sanitizing, and PPE on the job, but also their sickleave policies and possible remote work.  

Have Access to Your Dream Job 

One thing to keep in mind if you want to begin a job search during a pandemic is that you don’t need to take the first thing that comes around. What you want to do is be more deliberate about your application process. Start by looking at companies you want to work with. Follow them on social media and connect with them on LinkedIn. Then watch for potential openings and be the first to apply. While there may be a lot of competition, other people may be waiting to start their search which gives you the best shot.  

Remote Work Opportunities 

If you’ve ever wanted to work from home, now is the right time to start looking at remote work options. Many office-based businesses have transitioned fully and may not return to physical workspaces any time soon. If you’re ready to transition to working from home, now is the best time to strike.  

Is now the best time for you to look for your next job? It is, so call Nextaff Employment Agency in Sonoma today.  

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