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Some people are just perfect for a job. They have the right personality, the right skills, and the right attitude to fit one particular industry and position as if they were born to do it. Some are perfect chefs, others are natural personal trainers, architects, or R&D testers. A few people know from childhood the job they’re ideal for, but many find out later in life. If you’ve got a great instinct for people, like helping other business owners and have been thinking about starting your own business, you might be the perfect staffing franchise owner.

Why a Staffing Franchise?

The business world is huge, and staff turnover comes at them from every direction. People moving, having children, getting promoted or finding better positions. There are always key jobs left open and companies scrambling to find the right person for the job. On the employee side, there are thousands of people seeking jobs who don’t want to settle for a job they’ll hate just because it’s available. Skilled and compassionate staffing professionals are the bridge that connects hard working employees to jobs that will both interest and take care of them. If this sounds like noble calling, keep reading.

Are You a People Person?

As the owner of a staffing franchise, you will deal with hundreds of people a week, thousands a year, in the form of job seekers and business managers seeking to fill positions. You will be guided by your love of people and your ability to get to know them quickly, in the course of a few interviews. A truly talented staffing professional has a good idea of who someone is by reading their resume and bio on LinkedIn. If you are the kind of person who enjoys giving mini-interviews and understands someone just by skimming their social media or reading something they have written, you already possess a key skill as a staffing franchise owner.

Do You Have a Head for Business?

Some people just know they are destined for business. They want to run their own lives, be their own bosses, but enjoy the structure and regularity of regular business over the risks of freelancing. Even if they took another career first to built up starter capital, their checkbooks are always balanced and their family finances are planned out and charted. Natural franchise owners also often show strong organizational skills, sort things recreationally, and have a strong instinct for good and bad investments.

Are You a Natural Matchmaker?

Those who are constantly matchmaking are often incredibly well suited to the staffing industry. This doesn’t just involve connecting friends to each other romantically, but that’s always a good start. You may be constantly suggesting the ideal restaurant for a get-together, making book recommendations, or throwing amazing parties with friends from different groups who will enjoy each other’s company. What this involves is an inherent understanding of people and what they will like. With this amazing talent, you will be naturally suited to fitting job seekers with teams they will enjoy being a part of, and teams with job seekers that will welcome them with open arms.

Anyone who has been nodding along as they read this article thinking “Yep, that’s me all over.” should very seriously consider becoming a staffing franchise owner. It’s not a job you’ll enjoy, you will be doing the staffing industry a favor by contributing your considerable talents to a position you are perfectly suited to. As the owner, you will have the opportunity to both match companies with job seekers they’ll love and to use your abilities to staff your own business with skilled and compassionate staffing agents who will turn your franchise into a well-oiled matchmaking machine. Nextaff is an established and growing staffing organization seeking new owners to continue their already thriving business model. Contact us today to inquire about starting your very own staffing franchise or take a look to see if you have what it takes.