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Your interviewer asks “Why are you looking for a new job?” Should you lie, say that your current job is great but you feel like it is time to move on, and risk sounding flaky?  Should you be honest and tell them that your current management is full of backstabbing incompetent oafs? How about that you cannot take one more day of your insane boss taking old office party pictures, cutting out the faces of the people she does not like, then displaying the hole-filled images around your workspace?

When trying to find a new job because your current employment has become unbearable, it is often difficult to sound positive in an interview. However, your interviewer is not a bartender.  He or she is totally uninterested hearing about problems. Employers want honesty, but they do not want to hire a whiner. The trick is to problem solve. Say what you want instead of what you want to get away from.

Feel free to say that you are looking for a more positive work environment.  This tells employers that your coworkers and management are making you miserable but you focus on fixing it, not on wallowing in it.  If they ask for more information, give it to them, but vaguely and without self-pity.  Tell them what the problem is by explaining your desired solution.  Say that you are looking to work with management that values results and communicates openly with employees.  Perhaps tell them that you would like a supervisor that clearly states goals and expectations while promoting a positive work environment.  In any event, never name names. This always sounds gossipy, whiny, and bitter.

Focus on solutions. Never complain. Use future tense. These three rules will make you stand out as the positive problem solver that every employer wants. For more information on available job opportunities, contact us. Based on this article, we recommend you read: Tips For Talking About Your Previous Job During an InterviewAnswer Those Awkward Interview Questions Like a Pro, and After the Interview: 3 Follow Up Tips.

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