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     The department of Human Resources has evolved from being an administrative inconvenience, to being an integral aspect in any business, from the sole proprietor to the multinational organization. A challenge for any HR professional tasked with sifting through the applicant pool, is finding quality talent that will clear all levels of the hiring process. Recruits and new hires need not only pass the screening and selection process, but also be retain-able for the company.

     The hiring process is a time consuming and costly aspect of business, further compounded by the expense of turnover. Losing employees because they were not a good fit for the organization can be minimized; by using our customized, scientific approach to employee selection. Potential candidates are doing their homework, studying up on interview techniques, and providing scripted answers to rehearsed questions. If the applicants being screened are more prepared for the interview than the HR professional conducting the interview; how do you know if who you think you are hiring is who you will actually employ? A bad hire is one that out maneuvered the selection process. 

     At Nextaff, we have a customized approach that is designed around the specific job opening and culture of the organization. The X-Factor Process utilizes a scientific approach, proven to reduce the burden of identifying quality talent, that will align with company values; creating a pathway to employee retention and organizational fit. From creating a job description that appeals to your best hire, we also custom tailor the interview using a proprietary, structured method that reduces uncertainty, while providing clarity regarding the potential candidate being screened.  

     Our job is taking the administrative inconvenience off your plate. We provide EEOC compliant practices to reach the applicant pool (both passive and active job seekers), recruiting only those that have successfully completed the initial pre-screening process to be interviewed by the hiring staff. This vetting process assures that the candidate being interviewed has already been qualified, and pending additional considerations, has been deemed a good fit for the open role. 

     Fierce competition within the job market means the HR and I/O professionals have to be on top of their game. Filling a position for short-term placement only results in long-term employee searches, that are likely to be ongoing. For more about staffing solutions and the X-Factor Process, visit our blog to learn more about how we can achieve success and improve the quality of your talent acquisitions. For additional information or to request a consultation, please click here to contact us directly.

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