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Our Staffing Agency Franchise Just Made the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List!


We’re thrilled to share that NEXTAFF, our staffing agency franchise, has made the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List for 2021!

If you’ve been looking for a franchise opportunity, but the big franchise businesses aren’t cutting it for you, then NEXTAFF might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. And, now that we’re one of Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 businesses, there’s never been a better time to join us and share in our success. 

NEXTAFF Entrepreneur Franchise 500 RankedWhat is Entrepreneur.com and the Entrepreneur 500 List?

If you’re not familiar with Entrepreneur, it’s the world’s leading magazine for…well, entrepreneurs. From starting a business to growth strategies, marketing to leadership stories, Entrepreneur is an invaluable resource for new and existing business owners around the world. 

Each year, Entrepreneur publishes the Entrepreneur 500 and Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Rankings, which showcase the very best businesses and franchises around the world. In order to rank on the Franchise 500, franchises must have at least 10 locations, and at least one of those locations has to be in North America. 

These rankings are the result of comprehensive scoring of over 150 data points relating to a business, including things like growth rate, fees, Franchise Owner support, and financial statements. All of these data points are taken from a franchise’s Franchise Disclosure Document, which is a legal document that must be published each year. The higher a franchise business’s score, the higher they rank. 

NEXTAFF staffing agency franchiseHow Did Our Staffing Agency Franchise Make The Entrepreneur 500 List?

NEXTAFF ranked #475 on the 2021 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list, and we’re so proud to be considered among so many other esteemed companies. As we continue to expand to new territories across the country and open staffing agency franchise locations in new U.S. markets, we’ve got high ambitions for NEXTAFF, and we’re excited to rise up in the rankings in the years to come. 


At NEXTAFF, we’ve worked hard to build a staffing agency franchise business that we, and our Franchise Owners, are proud to be a part of. Here are just a few reasons why we made the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 in 2021. 

High Revenue Potential 

You can start your own NEXTAFF business with a minimum investment of $123,000, which covers absolutely everything you need to get started. While this might sound like a huge investment, our FDD shows that the average gross revenue earned by a NEXTAFF business is currently $1,953,751*. That’s an astounding 1,588% return on investment!  (Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD.)

Staffing is a massively profitable industry, having grown from generating $81 billion in revenue to $151 billion in just 10 years. After all, we know that companies are always looking to hire the best talent for their job vacancies, and employees are always searching for their dream job. 

Unmatched Support and Training

Because we don’t require our Franchise Owners to have any previous experience in the staffing industry, we’ve worked hard to build a fully comprehensive training program that helps all of our Founders get up to speed before they open their doors. 

Before you get started, we’ll give you over 100 hours of training in all aspects of your NEXTAFF business, from the day-to-day management of your operation to our proprietary recruiting method, X-FACTOR. 

You’ll also get access to our extensive back-office systems that’ll help you organize every aspect of your business, keep on top of your administrative work, and give you access to further support when you need it. 

As a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner, we’re here to help you, every single step of the way. 

Larger Territories

As a potential Franchise Owner, we know that one of your main concerns is competition with other nearby NEXTAFF Founders. Staffing is a competitive industry, and we understand that having too many agencies in one territory can make it extremely difficult for our Founders to generate profit. 

That’s why we have larger than average territories, meaning you’re safe in the knowledge that any other NEXTAFF Franchise Owners won’t be competing with you for company connections. So, you can get to know all of your clients and build stronger connections without having to fight to keep them from the next Founder over. 

NEXTAFF golf ballWhat Does This Ranking Mean for NEXTAFF Franchise Owners?

One of the hardest parts about finding a franchise to invest in is investigating their FDD, which is why being included on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list is amazing for businesses like ours. Because they do all the research for you, their rankings are a great way to find franchise opportunities and cut down on your research time. Not only can our place on this prestigious list help point prospective new Franchise Owners toward our staffing agency franchise, but existing Franchise Owners can use this recognition to showcase our stellar reputation in their markets when attracting new business.

Being on this list means exciting times are ahead for NEXTAFF as we welcome more Franchise Owners into our family. We can’t wait for aspiring entrepreneurs with business management backgrounds to join us and help NEXTAFF grow to its full potential. 

Help Someone Find Their Dream Job With a NEXTAFF Franchise Business

If you’re passionate about helping people find their dream job or make their way up the career ladder, and you’re looking to own your own business, then NEXTAFF is the franchise opportunity you’ve been looking for. 

With extensive training, large territories, continuous support, and a huge potential return on investment, our staffing agency franchise can turn your passion for people into a lucrative business opportunity. We also offer financing options to help you take the next step into business ownership, so you may not even have to wait to build up your investment. 

We’d love to welcome you into the NEXTAFF staffing agency franchise family. To learn more about what we do, and how you can own your very own NEXTAFF business, head over to our website.


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