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Once a Staffing Franchise is established, the next question is typically, what is the best way to grow it?

Growing a franchise business in any industry requires preparation and dedication. But, it’s not rocket science – generally speaking, there are three fundamental areas on which to focus. 

  1. Learning the Staffing Industry
  2. Understand Your Sales & Marketing Plan
  3. Following the Best Practices in Business 

Below are some essential guidelines our most successful staffing franchise owners tell us they have followed.

Learn About the Staffing Industry from Professionals

If you are new to the staffing industry, learning about it – preferably by immersing yourself in resources from staffing professionals – is critical. Professional organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) not only aggregate and disseminate news on the nation’s workforce, such as the fact that 2017 started with higher-than-usual retail layoffs, and increasing wages (a somewhat unusual combination); SHRM also puts such reports into perspective. SHRM’s learning and career resource tools help experienced staffing professionals as well as newcomers to the industry be as productive and effective as possible in talent acquisition and workforce management, while ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. 

Broad industry data is also helpful in making good decisions for your business. Many staffing professionals look to the global Staffing Industry Analysts for important information, training, and networking opportunities. 

NEXTAFF franchise owners become members of all of the major staffing industry organizations, including ASA, SIA, SHRM, the US Chamber of Commerce and others.

Sales & Marketing Basics: Geographic and Demographic Info Define Your Plan

Getting to know a staffing franchise market and maximizing the opportunities based on both the geographic region and demographics of the area is important for any new business.  

In the staffing profession, a thorough understanding of the market includes not only the existing employment landscape, and learning the business cycles associated with major industry niches (service, manufacturing, education) as well as how the area’s population is prepared to satisfy the area’s employment needs. 

When it comes to a sales plan, there are literally hundred’s of “experts” that will tell you a variance of strategies.  My experience has shown any plan, executed, is better than no plan.  Find what you are comfortable with, commit to it, and execute consistantly. 

Good Business Management Practices Key to the Best Outcomes

Finally, for any business to survive and thrive, owners need to ensure that their general business practices are sound and the organizations are well-managed. The NEXTAFF Franchise, like many others, supports franchise owners from day one, by providing extensive training for franchise owners and their staffs, plus ongoing back-office support, and national sales and marketing support. 

Among the management tools and support mechanisms franchise owners most frequently mention as helpful and productivity-boosting: 

  • State-of-the-art technology that is carefully selected and proven secure and effective. From fully integrated, all-access software and servers to web portals for employee access to customer support and resume management software that helps you track, manage and project your business status and growth. 
  • Back-office support that includes the proper processing of payroll taxes, workman’s compensation, unemployment claims and payroll financing. Also important in establishing and maintaining a healthy cash-flow: its important to process all client deposits daily, remitting gross margin (net of fees) back to franchise owners on a weekly basis.
  • Training and marketing/sales support that doesn’t stop. Most franchise systems have full access to extensive supporting materials and knowledge base and thorough, specialized training programs to execute our proven strategies and processes. At Nextaff, for example, franchise owners can always access a Learning Management System (LMS) for Management, Sales and Recruiting support, training and assistance.

There’s no guarantee of success, in any business. But typically a franchise has established a system of education, professional networking and support services that is working for franchise owners throughout the US. Contact us to get free information and downloads about the staffing industry and the Nextaff staffing franchise opportunity, or check out another article below: