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How This Successful Entrepreneur in Mexico Invested in a Houston Staffing Agency Franchise

Technology Franchise Owner Alejandro Perez

The International Franchise Association estimates that it will acquire more than 26,000 franchise locations by the end of 2021. This association also projects that franchise employment will grow by over 10% by end-of-year. We have to say, these are some pretty encouraging statistics!

If you’ve ever thought about establishing a staffing agency franchise, it’s the right time to do so. You’ll make a profit, enjoy working with some of the largest companies globally, and have a tremendous emotional reward for helping others.

Sounds great. Right? And, no doubt, learning from the first-hand experience of an investor who’s succeeded in the business can be life-changing.

Alejandro Perez is one such person you can look up to. He’s one of our newest Franchise Owners and is gearing up to make his mark with his Houston-area NEXTAFF location. Let’s take a closer look at how investing in a staffing agency franchise in Houston has helped Alejandro become successful.

About Alejandro Perez

Alejandro Perez spent many years in a lucrative career as an industrial engineer and holds an MBA.

He loves jogging and playing golf, and looks forward to having a bit more time and flexibility to pursue his interests now that he owns a NEXTAFF franchise.

Before discovering the NEXTAFF opportunity, Alejandro was already a successful business owner in Mexico. He was looking for a different type of challenge in his career, and preferably one that would allow him to relocate to the United States. Impressed by the high growth rate and high potential return on investment that he saw within the staffing industry, he decided to set his sights on a staffing business and saw what NEXTAFF had to offer that other staffing companies didn’t.

The thought of investing in a staffing agency franchise, rather than simply starting his own from scratch, also appealed to Perez. He appreciated NEXTAFF’s straightforward business model that was effortless for him to understand and realized right away that this staffing franchise would have his back from Day One.

How Alejandro Chose His Investment

When choosing a franchise to invest in, it’s important to understand your career, the skills you’ve learned thus far, and how you can use those skills to drive success in your investment. Alejandro chose a staffing agency franchise because it was close to what he did daily, and therefore gave him the confidence and experience to follow his new dream of entrepreneurship.

Your professional networks are also critical in your franchise investments. For instance, through colleagues, you can learn the gaps in your industry. You can learn the compensation for the employees in this sector and professional services.

And, like Alejandro Perez and other NEXTAFF Franchise Owners, you must conduct preliminary research when looking at opportunities. This can help you understand the pros and cons of the industry you want to invest in. By conducting his due diligence, Alejandro was able to understand that NEXTAFF could help him achieve his dream of starting a staffing agency franchise.

Also, consider the franchise’s Founders. Are they knowledgeable staffing specialists? Do they have a deeper understanding of the industry?  Can they make you feel comfortable as you walk the investment journey?

Observe their moral compasses. Check if they have all the principles you’d be looking for in a good leader. As Alejandro and our other Franchise Owners discovered during their Approval Day at NEXTAFF headquarters, co-Founders Cary Daniel and James Windmiller, along with our outstanding support team, have the experience, expertise, and leadership qualities it takes to help their franchise partners run a successful staffing business.

Recruitment Franchise

Why Did Alejandro Choose NEXTAFF?

Despite having a thriving business career in Mexico, Alejandro wanted an opportunity that would allow him and his loved ones to relocate to the United States. So, he looked into applying for an E2 Investor Visa to help him fulfill his desire for entrepreneurship in America.

About The E2 Visa

If you enter into an E2 Treaty, the United States authorities will allow you to live and work in the country as a business investor. This can help you direct and develop your staffing agency franchise. But you can only qualify for this arrangement if you’re already in an executive position, or have essential business management skills.

Yet, if you’re an employee of a large business, your employer can send you to the United States to manage a business on your employer’s behalf. Also, if you’re a national of a country where an E2 investor comes from, you can get an E2 visa.

Likewise, if you have a staffing agency franchise partnership, you and your partner can enter into an E2 visa agreement if you control the business 50/50. That’s not all; you can also live in the United States for as long as authorities indefinitely extend your E2 visa.

So, if you’re interested in entering into an E2 treatise, you can comfortably do so without any limitations on your investment status. This doesn’t mean it’s straightforward to acquire this visa. You must adhere to the following E2 visa investment rules.

  1. You must be investing money into a business, like a NEXTAFF franchise, during the E2 visa application. Hence, you must prove to the authorities that you already have a substantial investment for them to allow you to apply for this E2 visa. Alternatively, you can use an escrow system if you’ve bought an existing turnkey business.
  2. You should also prove to the authorities that you’ve got realistic investment plans and a sure funding source for your business. Again, you must verify that your business will create job opportunities for US citizens and residents. 
  3. You’re not an Indian or Chinese national. But, if you have a United States spouse and are an Indian or Chinese national, you can use your spouse to get an E2 visa. Other programs like the Grenada citizenship program can also help you qualify for an E2 visa as a Chinese or Indian national.
  4. Your investment in the United States must be active, operational, and need employees; otherwise, authorities may not grant you an E2 visa.

And, if you’re worried about getting an E2 visa after investing your money in a staffing agency franchise in the United States, you can agree with authorities to hold your money in an escrow account until you receive the E2 visa. But, this arrangement only happens under certain circumstances;

  • You’re buying an established business
  • You’ll spend your money on a lease treatise
  • You’ll devote part of your money buying equipment

You can also use a Green Card Option to get an  E2 Visa. Using a Green Card, you’d prove to the authorities that you are an international executive or have essential managerial skills.

Not every franchise opportunity welcomes E2 visa investors, due to the lengthy paperwork and substantial red tape associated with the bureaucratic process. However, NEXTAFF is uniquely positioned to work with individuals seeking E2 Investor Visa status in the United States thanks to our experience with Franchise Owners like Alejandro. We’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge about the process that other franchise opportunities have not, making them less likely to pursue E2 candidates in the future.

Whether you are looking to follow in Alejandro’s footsteps, either as an E2 investor visa candidate or simply as an entrepreneur, NEXTAFF is an ideal franchise opportunity for seasoned business people in search of their next career move. Contact NEXTAFF for more information on how to apply for our Franchise Discovery Process and get started today!

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