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Employers generally hire a wide range of people into their companies, but many of the hired employees possess similar traits and talents. Here is a short list of several important traits that will help you snag the job you are interviewing for.

Be Passionate

Perfection is not key, but personality can make up for the areas in which you lack skill. To some employers, personality is the deal-breaker. With many employers, a strong and impassioned personality is what lands you the job. Employers want to see the energy you possess, an energy which will drive you to finish the jobs you’re assigned, and they want to make sure you have the willingness to learn the skills you don’t already know. So when you head in for an interview, be sure to tap into your passionate side and show employers what you’re made of.

Show Initiative

One particular trait employers love to see in their employees is that their employees take the initiative to do their research and finish the job, without always requiring someone to check up on their progress. One way you can show the employer you already have this skill is to do your research on their company before you meet for the interview. Not only that, but employers want to know you care about their company’s mission and one of the only ways to do that is, again, to do your research. Show them you know what you’re talking about, but leave room for correction. Acting confident is good, acting like a know-it-all will cause you to lose the opportunity.

Listen to Understand

There’s this saying, “Listen to understand. Don’t listen to respond,” and it applies directly to the work environment. Many people in today’s society listen to respond, something which prevents them from understanding the situation so that they may take the best route possible to solve it. By listening to understand, you are able to perform at a higher level with an even greater quality of work ethic. Employers want to know you will listen not just with your ears, but also with your mind. In this, they are sure you can accomplish the job based on the instructions they give every time. In other words, don’t interrupt.

Team Player

Lastly, employers want to know you’re a team player. This means you possess the ability to work with people and in groups of people successfully. Companies are, by nature, group environments. Some are faster paced than others, but all of them include people. If you can bring this talent to the employer’s table, then you will automatically find yourself one rung higher on the ladder of prospective candidates. Always remember, part of working on a team means showing consistent respect to your coworkers, as well as your boss.  

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