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The role of technology has to be considered in every business in today’s modern world. This is especially true for staffing agencies, which are and will use technology to source, hire, and manage candidates and everyday workflows. In this regard, let’s examine some important technology considerations when choosing a staffing franchise

The Opportunity

Owning a staffing franchise is a great opportunity for the right entrepreneur, as staffing services are in-demand more than ever. Companies in all industries are looking to outsource their HR department as regulations, payroll, high turnover, and skill shortages become burdensome to the bottom-line.

Job Seeking and Recruitment Trends

Employment trends have shifted as younger tech savvy generations move into the workforce and business processes become transformed by technology. These shift are seen with how candidates are searching for jobs, and how recruiting, hiring, and managing employees has transitioned online.

An article found on Workology, called: “6 Shocking Job Search Statistics You Need to Know”, written by Jessica Miller-Merrel on March 7, 2016, explains:

“Only 4% of Recruiters Don’t Use Social Media in Hiring.

…Ninety-percent of job seekers use mobile at some point in their job search.”

We learn more from a Capterra article called: “The Top 15 Fascinating Hiring Statistics for 2017”, which explains:

“When it comes to searching for a job, 42.9% of job seekers search by job board, 32.1% search career sites, and 6.9% check referral programs.”

Basically, in a world where nearly everyone has a smartphone or mobile device, staffing agencies must connect with candidates through technology; this is especially true when candidates are using mobile devices to search for jobs online.

Innovative recruiting technologies such as: Applicant Tracking Systems, social media aggregators, Talent Relationship Management Systems, and innovative recruiting mobile apps – are changing traditional processes in recruiting and hiring processes. Technology is also changing the strategies being used to facilitate these processes.

What Technology Means to the Staffing Franchise

Technology is and will play a large role in how staffing agencies operate from day-to-day, which means entrepreneurs should consider what technologies the staffing franchise is offering. Does the franchise take care of the back-end administrative processes? Do they offer technology to source and filter candidates?  Are they consistent with their social media pages?

Of course, staffing franchise owners can use additional technological tools to source and hire candidates, yet the franchise should offer innovative technology for all key business functions.

The staffing franchise model provides a base foundation that should effectively source, onboard, and manage candidates and HR functions, yet owners will be free to expand their technological tool sets to meet their specialized needs.

The staffing industry is, uniquely, tied to all industries, including the recruitment industry. This means owners will benefit by understanding employment trends, as well as any recruitment technology trends that candidates and companies are adopting. Rapidly advancing online technology is at the heart of these changes, therefore, owners need to choose a staffing franchise that offers innovative technology within its established system.

Nextaff’s staffing franchise opportunity offers entrepreneurs the innovative technology needed to facilitate: sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and managing employees and clients. Our X-FACTOR hiring process and back-end administrative technological solutions are designed to give owners the technological tools needed to grow with confidence into the future. If interested in learning more please contact us today or click below for more information.