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Anyone who is interested in using X-Factor for hiring needs to understand the various tests we use. The following are just a few of the scientifically proven tests implemented to gauge the quality of your potential employees.

Work Sample Tests

These tests measure the work history of a potential employee and translates it into how it relates to your business. In this way, you have an insight into what this particularly employee can offer to you and your company. 

Personality Tests

Understanding the personalities of your employees provides a guide for their potential behaviors. We test for things like: patience, candor, adaptability, and social aptitude, among a variety of others. You can choose the traits that are most important to your organization or team and we can filter accordingly.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Just how smart is your potential employee? Our cognitive ability tests will gauge the flexibility of their mind, their ability to process information, and rate their skill levels. Critical thinking, creative thinking, strategic thinking: all of these have their time and place within a job and having someone with the right functionality can be a crucial part of great hiring success.

Structured Interviews

Our structured interview process provides a thorough screening of each candidate. We communicate with you to find the most crucial skills and qualities that are needed for each position and make sure each candidate is a great fit before sending them your way.

Job Knowledge Tests

These exams gauge what your potential hire knows about your business or industry. These tests can also show what kinds of training would be necessary, if any, for a candidate to reach your expectations.

Job Trial

The first few months of employment can be rough in industries that suffer from high turnover rates. Trying out potential candidates from us in temporary roles helps you get a hands-on-look at their abilities and work performance, while we absorb a majority of the costs of any resulting turnovers. It’s really a win-win.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get the X-Factor difference. Our scientifically proven hiring method is second to none and we know we can help you find a great hire.