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It happens to every job-seeker sooner or later. You find what seems to be the perfect employment opportunity. Maybe the qualifications happen to align with your experience. Maybe the pay would be enough for you to significantly improve your standard of living. Maybe the location and hours are ideal for your specific needs and preferences. Whatever the reason, you think you’ve found your dream job.

So you polish your resume, carefully fill out your application, and have an interview that seems to go well. Then, finally, you get that fateful call or email. With sweating palms and crossed fingers, you take a deep breath and find out… that you didn’t get the job. Your heart sinks as you realize that what seemed like a perfect opportunity was not meant to be.


Like any rejection, getting turned down for a job stings. It can also damage self-esteem and morale, potentially sabotaging your job search down the road. Here are some tips to help you move on when you don’t get your “dream” job.

Wallow in sadness –  It’s natural and understandable to be frustrated and sad when things don’t go your way. After getting a painful job rejection, allow yourself to have those feelings without judgement. Listen to sad music, cry, eat ice cream in your pajamas… whatever you usually do to soothe yourself, go ahead and do it. 

But don’t wallow too long! – Be careful not to let your self-care become inertia. After a day or two you should jump back into your search, whether you feel like it or not. Just the act of filling out new applications and imagining yourself in other job positions can help to pull you out of your funk and put the job you didn’t get where it belongs, behind you.

Reflect on what you learned – At first you may feel that the only thing you learned is that they don’t want you. But think carefully about the application and interview process you went through, especially any feedback given to you by a hiring manager or recruiter. Did they seem impressed by any of your skills, or remark on your professionalism? Were you given any advice, such as making your resume more relevant to the position, or not to rush through job interview questions? These bits of specific feedback can be invaluable and you should take advantage of them whenever you can.

Keep dreaming! – If you found one job posting that seemed amazing, you will find another one. The job market fluctuates constantly, and if you stay diligent in your job search you’ll have many more opportunities to apply for your dream job. Keep looking — it’s out there!

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