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Finding the perfect fit for your team used to require being face to face with a pool of candidates who weren’t even an okay fit. Identifying the difference between quality and mediocre is the science that went into creating XFACTOR. 

Our tried, tested, and trusted hiring process is backed with research and comprehensive techniques. Part of that process is the candidate interview, of course, but the road to get there is way more selective! Here’s what a candidate must demonstrate prior to being selected for a time slot: comprehensive personality, cognitive and work example tests. These can do more than identify the right candidate and weed out those who aren’t a good fit. The interviewer then, can also bring out information from high-quality candidates that will allow you to place them in the perfect role and capitalize on skills you might not have known they had. 

Behavior-based interviewing has revolutionized business hiring. With a strong reliance on structure and a series of targeted, company-specific as well as position-specific series questions, the candidate interview process really has become an art form.

With XFACTOR, whether you’re looking for self-starters or strict role players, you’ll be able to build your team with ease and confidence.

  • Simulation Questions: these questions are intended to illicit responses from applicants that will demonstrate their willingness to brainstorm aloud, to speak openly about scenarios they didn’t prep for, and demonstrate their ability to think on their feet.
  • Situational Questions: these are hypothetical questions as opposed to the specific stories of actions taken in real situations in the past. They put your candidate in the shoes of the position they’re trying to fill, which allows you to analyze the appropriateness and likely effectiveness of their responses to those situations.
  • Self-evaluation Questions: these are the classic “tell me about yourself” questions that still very much have a place. To dig deep enough to identify quality talent, the hiring team should warm up applicants with questions that are specific to the job but broad enough that personality and personal history don’t exempt them from answering. Self-evaluation questions also allow you to gauge confidence, identify perceived strengths, and glimpse a person’s humility through questioning of admitted weaknesses.
  • Stay consistent: it’s difficult to evaluate a pool of people on the same criteria when divided up between multiple people or when asking different questions. Finding quality talent that fits with your organization requires consistency, which is harder than you might think. Different personalities can take candidates in different directions. With a quiet, shy candidate, employers have no problem maintaining the integrity of the structure. But the panel has a tendency to inquire beyond the scope of the designated questions when candidates are particularly affable, outgoing, or have specific interests that match their own. By employing the XFACTOR process, you’ll have questions that keep the personal touch without tipping the scales in favor of charm or the comradery of a shared hometown sports team.

XFACTOR will not only help perfect the interview, but it is useful long after you’ve staffed your team. Everyone changes. They read new books and learn new skills, which makes the questions you develop specific to your organization’s needs useful long after you’re fully staffed. As part of annual performance evaluations, you can use XFACTOR to re-calibrate the relationship with your workers and identify new strengths, weaknesses, and concerns that can help you place quality talent exactly where you thought (or didn’t know) you needed it.

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