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If you’ve considered starting a staffing franchise as a business opportunity, you’re making a smart decision. A positive reason for starting a staffing franchise is you’re helping other people find work as a major symbiotic process. However, with statistics showing franchising continuing to experience significant growth, you have something with more of an established track record than other business ideas.

With so many careers having volatility in a sometimes shaky economy, opening a staffing franchise could provide numerous benefits beyond a 9-5 job.

As you can see from Entrepreneur, many top staffing franchises exist in the United States. Let’s look at the benefits of going this route to give your career a refresh and some longevity.

Demand for More Qualified Workers

While the U.S. economy has recovered somewhat, unemployment is still out there after so many lost jobs during a major recession. As we slowly rebound,the demand for qualified workers is greater than ever. Being in a staffing franchise now allows you to match those individuals seeking employment to the companies that are desperate to find them.

Likewise, you get to work with major companies and help them find the best talent available. You’re basically contributing toward rebuilding the economy and helping the workforce find the jobs they desire.

A Franchise is Already an Established Brand

The major differences between a franchise and starting a business from scratch are name recognition, established track record and ongoing marketing efforts. If you had to start a staffing agency on your own, you’d have to spend months getting yourself known to workers and companies on a local or national basis. This could take years to build completely, not including the investment required for marketing.

With a franchise, you already have an established name in place.  Much of the marketing is handled for you, so you can spend money and time on selling and recruiting to keep your franchise running optimally.

Using an Established Business Model

Since many franchises have nationally recognized names, you already have an advantage in a business model everyone knows. Those looking for work are only going to Google staffing agencies they know have an established track record.

Sticking with the franchise’s system should help save time and effort. It also saves you from having to experiment on a unique business process to set yourself apart from competitors.

Better Opportunities for Training

There are few more time-consuming aspect to running a business than training your employees. Trying to find time for this and hiring a third-party training organization can again take away your valuable resources.

Franchises have support systems and training available to help their franchisees save time and effort. 

Helping to Grow Your Staffing Franchise

Being part of a franchise means you have a support team.  Imagine you and an independent competitor start at the same time in the same market.  Day 1, your competitor is having to figure out legal documents, draft client agreements, negotiate leases, manage bank lines, find work comp insurance, develop a website, figure out social media and about 100 other things other than selling and recruiting.  Compare that to your Day 1 – all of those previously mentioned items are already in place and you can contact 40+ support team members at any time to ask for help.  

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