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Many people reach a point in their careers in which their capability, personal funds, and independent spirit will lead them to start their own business. This brave and exciting decision allows you to become your own boss, doing what you love but also responsible for 100% of your performance results. However, deciding to start your own business is simply the first in a long line of incredibly important decisions. Where your office should go, who you should hire, and what kind of equipment you’ll be starting with are all questions you need answers to before you sign the first document. Then, of course, there’s whether or not to build you own company from scratch or become an independent franchisee of an already established brand and business model.

The Franchise Package

Every industry and franchise provides a different starter package that includes everything you should need to get your business off the ground, provided you have the know-how and business sense to handle all the procedural considerations. In fact, most franchising companies recognize that first time business owners need a little boost with procedure and setup and are more than happy to get you on your feet. If your passion is in staffing services, Nextaff offers a complete startup support package, ready to both help you establish your new business then provide the guidance and resources needed to run a franchise smoothly and efficiently once you open your doors.

Initial Training at the Center

Once you decide to join the Nextaff community of franchisees, we will help you get started from the very beginning. The first benefit offered to franchisees is access to our online, corporate and local training. You can come alone, but we suggest you bring any key staff that will be starting with you. This training will include everything you need to know about independent business management as a franchisee, how to manage the brand, and how to access the resources available to you through the Nextaff infrastructure. Training, both standard and optional additional lessons include:

  • Operation of your office
  • Services offered
  • Costs and cash control
  • Client services
  • Comprehensive marketing and sales programs
  • Accountability for sales and marketing
  • Associate scheduling
  • Methods to control operations costs

Comprehensive Back-Office Support

One of the biggest challenges to new business owners is covering all your back-office bases. This single struggle has sunk many startups full of capable, dedicated people in the past and Nextaff is dedicated  to helping you get over this well-known hurdle. We offer full back-office support, and we don’t just mean remote IT. We provide a variety of essential support services ranging from insurance to HR, with the goal to keep you in full business compliance with all the backup you need to stay afloat, keep your employees happy, and continue providing your clients with top of the line staffing services. Our backend support includes:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Business Insurances
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Financing & Taxes
  • HR Assistance
  • Front-Office Software

If you already have the business knowledge, the strong personal drive for independent excellence, and a passion for connecting companies with skilled professional, Nextaff wants to help you become an influential staffing provider in your local area. Along with the suite of training and support, we also provide each franchisee with access to an online copy of our confidential operations manual that will help you run day-to-day business with the level of excellence we’ve been perfecting for two decades of staffing industry experience. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own staffing services company, we would love to welcome you into our franchise community. For more information about starting a Nextaff franchise or to begin the franchisee process, please contact us today!  To see if a staffing franchise is right for you, click here: