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We have read about leadership in so many industries, even in the world of new staffing franchise owners. It seems like every leadership methodology could work under the right conditions. However, leadership is something that many of today’s companies tend to have in short supply. This is especially true if they are going through a period of high turnover or, in the case of Baby Boomers, a large number of leaders moving into retirement. Having a shortage of good managers and leaders is not something that a modern company can risk for any period of time. There are so many people within the ranks of a company who count on their leaders for motivation, and they just aren’t as productive without them. Recruiting and retaining good leaders helps a company to maintain the capacity to respond to customers throughout the business cycle. 

The Connection Between Staffing, Leadership, and Motivation

Organizations have many talent needs, and they don’t always have the HR personnel in adequate supply to meet them. They need to replace people who leave due to retirement, illness, death, poor performance, and attrition. The staffing agency is often the key to meeting talent needs, both in the face of an immediate talent shortage and in the long run. 

Motivation in the Staffing Franchise

Running your own staffing agency is a chance to develop your leadership skills and to recruit people who will join the management teams of client firms. The key to succeeding in leadership is learning how to motivate the people under you. This starts with motivating recruits to do well in their job placements, and it continues when they assume their leadership roles. You often hear how they are doing from your clients, whether the feedback is positive or negative, but more often when there is a problem with the fit. The leaders whom you place successfully are the ones who will bring you more business in the future.

Pinpointing Good Leaders

As the person running a staffing franchise, you must become a good judge of people. Select strong leaders and other candidates who are motivated to become better ones. In building your relationships with external firms, be sure to encourage them to develop career paths that will help job candidates find success. Each career development path helps an organization to remedy some of their gaps in training.

Focusing on Motivation

Talk with recruits who will move into leadership roles about the importance of motivation. The problem with leadership is that people who work for you have fluctuating levels of motivation. If any employees have a motivation problem that occurs more than once in their typical workday, this pattern can impact their productivity. When more than one person has poor motivation and decreased productivity, it begins to stress out everyone on their team. They don’t want to overcompensate for the individuals who fail to carry their fair share of the workload. Good workers may eventually leave a team with too many weak links. They will burn out faster because they feel they must work too hard. 

As the leader of a staffing franchise, be sure to address your own motivation to place recruits into new jobs. Hire people who are positive and motivated to do the same. Interview candidates for each job placement carefully and encourage them to give their best performance in their new jobs. Don’t let a lack of attention to motivation prevent you from succeeding in building a staffing franchise.

We have more ideas on how to impress client firms with smart job placements. It’s always a good idea to send them the most positive people and to choose leaders who will help them meet their talent gaps and training gaps. For details on becoming a staffing firm owner, please contact us today.