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Making the wrong hiring decision is not only disappointing; it can also be incredibly expensive.  It’s a common conundrum. In their haste to fill a void, hiring managers feel rushed to make a hire. Even the most conscientious professionals make hiring mistakes.  An impressive resume and outstanding interview can easily overshadow indicators that a prospective employee might not be a good fit for the organization or the position.

Controlling Costs

Salary and benefits are not the only costs associated with hiring quality employees. Onboarding and training a new employee can eat up precious time and resources. In fact, the average expense of hiring and training that employee is estimated to fall at around two-and-a-half times the combined annual salary and benefits budgeted for a specific position.

When an employee is responsible for decreased morale, production or customer service, it can cost an organization even more. On the other hand, just because an employee is talented and hard-working doesn’t mean that they’re a good fit for every role. It’s not uncommon for organizations to find themselves caught in a cycle of high turnover and ever-increasing costs.

Hire Smarter with Science

As more employers embrace technology and scientifically-based hiring practices, the risk of making a bad hire is decreasing. With such high stakes, however, it’s important for organizations to use every tool at their disposal to make the right choice. This is where the XFACTOR fits in.

Nextaff partners with employers to evaluate the successes and failures of their hiring methods and develops a clear path to hiring quality employees. The science of hiring is incorporated into every step we take. We’ll work closely with you to develop a detailed profile and job description. Since only 20% of the workforce is active on job boards, we tap into new sources to identify qualified candidates.

After candidates complete an assessment processes, we’ll screen those who fit with your XFACTOR criteria and conduct a structured interview. Only those that pass our interview will be forwarded to you for a face-to-face interview.

Ready to start making better hiring decisions? Download the FREE whitepaper below or contact us today! Based on this article, we recommend you read: Find and Hire Quality Employees in a Tight MarketEmploy Talent: Retaining the Best Employees, and Your Employees are Your Brand, Choose Wisely.

NEXTAFF helps companies Hire Quality Employees.  By offering a complete range of temporary staffing agency services, we help your company – no matter where you are in your business evolution – raise productivity through hiring better quality employees. We are able to service all your staffing agency needs with local staffing offices in Raleigh-NC, Overland Park-KS, Kansas City-MO, Houston-TX, Gulf Coast-MS, Phoenix-AZ, Orlando-FL, Harrisburg-PA and Miami-FL.