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According to author and HR consultant Leigh Birnham, who wrote Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, the number one reason that new employees fail is due to a lack of organizational cultural fit. This, unfortunately, means two things: Recruiters have to go back to the drawing board to re-fill the position and, of course, the employee has to begin their job search all over again. Without a doubt, it’s definitely a lose-lose situation. But all is not lost. With a more organizational-specific, scientific approach to recruiting that emphasizes retention, recruiters can turn things around; thereby hiring quality talent that is the best organizational cultural fit for the long-term. Enter Nextaff.

At Nextaff, we know and understand the statistics behind the hiring challenges that recruiters face, which is why we have made it our business to help them not only attract but ultimately hire quality talent with the most long-term potential. We accomplish this with our proprietary recruiting method called X-FACTOR. Using strategically designed algorithms, X-FACTOR gives recruiters access to a larger talent pool, provides selection guidance, and aids both the recruiters and the applicants in determining the best possible organizational cultural fit early on. No more first day surprises. In other words, X-FACTOR helps eliminate buyer’s remorse on both ends, making for a win-win situation with results 5x greater than traditional hiring methods. And with retention being of the utmost importance among recruiting trends for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018, X-FACTOR is not only on the cutting-edge of recruiting technology, but it’s the most solid approach to retention-focused recruiting available.

For more information about the importance of organizational cultural fit and hiring quality talent for the long-term, contact Nextaff today, and don’t forget to download our free whitepaper “Perfecting the Perfect Hire”.