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The one thing that people are looking for when it comes to employees is integrity. You want your employees to be truthful and honest, not just in their dealings with you but also in their dealings with your clients. It’s your business and your reputation at stake here. All it takes is one dishonest employee to spoil your company’s name.

Small Scale and Large Scale Dishonesty

Often, the double dealing that the employee is involved in is not large scale. They could just be stealing paper from your storeroom. Or they could be swindling you out of a large proportion of your income. Either way, it’s not pleasant to come across someone who is taking advantage of your trust.

Evaluating an Employee’s Traits Early On

It’s best to weed out employees who don’t possess the important attribute of integrity from the get go. So it helps to have a thorough screening process for new employees, starting with a series of questions designed to evaluate their integrity, their cognitive skills and their personality. Each of these aspects of a new employee is important.

Drawbacks of the Current Hiring System

As a business owner, you may have already come across employees who lack integrity. And if you haven’t, then you have been lucky. Because currently, the way in which the job market and interview process are set up is such that it’s not possible to weed out the bad seeds right away. Unless you use a scientifically designed screening process, you are quite likely to miss out on the job seeker’s character traits.

Resumes and Interviews Are Not Reliable

Most people just look through resumes in which the potential employee’s achievements are likely to be exaggerated. And they conduct an interview, asking whatever questions come to mind, rather than ones which are specifically designed to elicit the employee’s skills and character traits. This type of haphazard hiring process leads into haphazard results.

Gut Feelings vs. Proven Scientific Method

There might be something to the idea of a “gut feeling” but does your gut feeling really work all the time? Wouldn’t it be better to rely on a proven, scientific method? Contact us if you want to be sure that the employees you hire will work out in the long run.

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