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The Staffing Industry Analysts recently published their November 2016 United States Jobs Report with the country’s latest employment trends. Founded in 1989, the organization is one of the global leading authorities in the staffing industry. The Staffing Industry Analysts publishes detailed research about temporary staffing and other relevant topics. They also offer extensive training, support tools, publications, conferences, and other resources. Many people in the staffing franchise industry use their objective data analysis to help them make informed business decisions.

The November United States Jobs Report Summary

The following is a summary of the data revealed in the Staffing Industry Analysts’ November 2016 United States Jobs Report. 

* The employment rate increased by 161,000 total jobs in November 2016.

* According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate declined almost 5% in November from its previous level the month before in October.

* Employment opportunities or jobs in the temporary help services field grew by 6,400.

Results from Previous United States Jobs Report

Interested to see how the Staffing Industry Analysts’ November 2016 report compares to previous months? Below are some of the highlights from the organization’s research for the United States Jobs Reports for August, September and October.   

* Employment increased in the month of August by 176,000 total jobs.

* The number of jobs created in the month of September grew by 191,000. 

* Jobs that are considered temporary help services increased by 31,000 in September.

* The total employment rate in October 2016 increased by 1.7% year over date.

* Total jobs grew on average approximately 196,400 over the past 12 months.

* The total temporary help employment rate was up 1.3% year to date in October.

* On average jobs grew by almost 3,300 over the past year (from October 2015 to October 2016).

A Summary of Employment Growth in Different Economic Sectors

Besides the growth in the temporary staffing industry, there were also other economic sectors that improved. The healthcare industry was responsible for most of the open jobs overall. When combined with the new jobs in the social assistance sector, the sector saw the highest amount of growth with almost 40,000 new jobs.

Another economic sector that dramatically improved was the construction industry. The construction sector saw the number of jobs increase by 11,000. Typically an increase in construction jobs correlate to a stronger real estate market.

Meanwhile educational jobs grew by 13,500. The government also had 19,000 jobs created while the temporary professional services increased to 36,600.

United States Trends in Employment Rates

One sector with the fastest growing employment rate is the government. Almost 26,000 jobs were created over the span of six months. Another American employment trend was in the education sector. The sector grew 2.6% year to date. The temporary staffing industry has also experienced growth. Temporary staffing jobs increased by 1.33% year to date.

In summary, the Department of Labor Statistics and Staffing Industry Analysts predict strong growth in the staffing industry. In fact, the Staffing Industry Analysts industry forecasts that the temporary staffing industry for the educational field will increase in 2017.

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