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Replacing employees is expensive, stressful, and time-intensive. It’s also vital to the success of any organization. For small- to mid-sized companies in particular, finding the right person is not just a matter of education and relevant experience. A new hire has to mesh with your company’s environment, ethic, and energy. Unfortunately, beautiful résumés and flattering professional references aren’t very helpful determining who would best fit in the empty chair at your office. 

Instead of throwing some keywords into an online job search, sifting through résumés of people who obviously didn’t read the post, sitting through painfully meandering interviews, then picking from the best of the worst and crossing your fingers, consider the NEXTAFF solution.

Our recruitment model evaluates applicants based on criteria specific to your needs, eliminating the guesswork and emotion that often dictates who does and doesn’t get the job. We don’t deliver high quality talent by eliminating the “human element” of hiring; we merely preface it with science.  

At NEXTAFF, we know that the greatest power in business is people power. With the right people, you can reduce turnover, increase productivity, and boost efficiency without losing the character and feel that makes your workplace unique.

Finding the right people requires utilizing the right process, one that offers a vast pool of candidates, strict applicant screening, and consistent, structured, targeted interviewing processes–all in half the time (and at half cost, hassle, headache, and paperwork) of tradition hiring processes. 

And we can do one better than fast, efficient onboarding: you can also use our proprietary process to evaluate existing employees and determine who is and isn’t achieving the results your company needs for success. 

At NEXTAFF, we strongly believe that the difference between hiring an employee and hiring the right employee is the difference between success and failure. Download our free whitepaper, “Perfecting The Perfect Hire,” and let us do what we do best so that you can get back to doing what you do best!