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The process of hiring quality talent is ever evolving. Like most business practices, the “way we have always done it” does not mean it is the best way to do it. When it comes to selecting an individual for a position you need to fill, you need to hire quality talent and the right skill set but you want the selection process as smooth and efficient as possible. 

The amount of time saved by using a scientific approach rather than the traditional method of using only the interview is invaluable to any hiring manager. When you use X-Factor from Nextaff, the first time you meet a candidate is comparable to a second interview in the traditional method. 

You have confidence knowing that the candidate has been through these processes:

  • The candidate has completed and been graded on integrity, cognitive, and personality tests.
  • Those results determine the candidate’s X-FACTOR score based on your criteria.
  • The candidate was one of the highest scorers and then given a phone screening.
  • After passing the screening they are given a structured interview.
  • The candidate passes the structured interview, completes a drug screening, and is then sent to a face to face interview with the hiring manager.

The science behind X-FACTOR to determine cognitive ability and integrity is a more effective way of selecting talent than choosing resumes based on job experience and education alone. Spend less time evaluating who to interview and know that Nextaff will send you only the most qualified candidates. Be sure to find out more about using X-FACTOR to streamline your hiring process and contact us.