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Before you open a staffing franchise, be sure to research and understand the types of jobs for which you will hire (at least in the beginning) and the talent pools that are available for your intended recruitment activities. One of the things that people who are new to staffing may not understand, for example, is the differences between the generations of applicants whom they will interview. We read an article recently about millennials that illustrates this point. It’s easy after reading this post to see that you should understand millennials, who are the youngest in the workforce now and who will lead the business world in the next few decades. In addition, their beliefs about work will strongly influence the next generation of workers whom they are now raising. Both generations are digital natives.

Many Millennials Are Choosing Blue Collar Work? What?

It’s funny to think that your kids, who might not be born yet, could be choosing a different type of work in the future because they take a different view of their options after high school. It used to be that we would choose a career path that we could follow during adulthood and then plan for retirement after raising our kids. The world has changed. According to a recent Forbes.com article by Sarah Landrum, “The cost of the average college education has been rising steadily for decades… The good news is, even with college costs rising predictably and constantly, millennials are discovering there’s nothing wrong with blue-collar jobs. Employment in the trades is booming, and might even offer better pay than some positions for which a college education is a prerequisite.” For example, would you rather make $40,000 a year as a teacher or $70,000 a year as a plumber? The latter job is likely to have fewer postsecondary education loans to repay. What’s more, the earning potential is higher during the first phase of employment in the field.

This is Just an Example of the Changed Recruiting World

We like how millennials view their careers differently offers an example of the changed world of HR. If you are going to go into the staffing franchise business, you will have to understand the present job market and keep abreast of changes in the future. You won’t have to know these details all at once, and you will have support during the startup phase. But, in the end, your ability to place people into jobs quickly and earn a profit while doing it will rest in part on your knowledge of the market.

Think Outside the Box

As a future staffing franchise owner, the people whom you will meet will keep your job interesting. They will share their stories of why they are looking for a job, and they will be specific about the kinds of employers they want to work for. The millennials who walk through your door are intriguing because they were encouraged from infancy to think outside the box. Sure, they are digital natives for which there were an unprecedented number of technologies available, and they were asked to be critical thinkers in their formal schooling. As a group, they also defy any molds that employers try to give them. They will gravitate toward the types of employment that interest them, and they don’t necessarily view the American dream as working for the same company or organization for forty years, as Landrum noted. That is just not in their thought process.

We have found that matching people with new jobs can be a lucrative business opportunity. It requires being able to assess the suitability of recruits for specific job postings and to conduct the hiring process quickly and with precision. This endeavor demands much time and working well with people, but it is full of rewards. For more details about owning a staffing franchise, we hope that you will contact us today and learn more.