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One of the most important innovations for the revolutionary X-factor matchmaking system we use is the initial assessment. In a few minutes, our custom set of tests and questions can reveal much more about the personality of job applicants than any resume, finding you only the top quality talent. This can help assure that the recruits we send on to you have already been screened for ability, integrity,  and personality. We find the results suggest a good match for your company.

Skill Assessment

Based on the needs of the position, the assessments we use to sort applicants will include a small variety of knowledge and skill tests. This can quickly weed out candidates who might pad their resumes with claimed but unlearned skills, and identify those that really know their stuff.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Not everyone thinks the same way. With a few fine tuned questions, we can give you and idea of the thinking patterns and capabilities of your prospective hires. Whether they can problem solve on their feet, answer complex questions, or need a little time to focus for best performance.

Integrity Testing

The results of integrity testing can reveal if that new hire will be temporary or long-lasting. While in the most extreme cases these tests can reveal critical flaws in character, usually they simply show whether or not people value staying in one job for a long time and give employers some idea of how they would solve on-the-job problems.

Personality Assessment

Every manager knows the personalities of their team and has an idea of what they are looking for in their new members in order to mesh well. This assessment ends up taking center stage in the traditional interview process but is never actually directly addressed. The X-Factor method includes a comprehensive personality test that can give you a preliminary impression of each candidate and how they view themselves, allowing you to screen for those little but important factors like positivity or sense of humor.

The Nextaff X-Factor is an amazing and innovative new tool for perfecting the hiring process without taking up unnecessary resources and hours of your time interviewing unlikely candidates. For more information on our finely tuned recruit it net process, download our free white paper “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” or contact us for a consultation today! Our staffing experts are ready to help you hire quality talent that will last.