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During the interviewing process, you are always asked some simple questions like, what are your past experiences, how would you be an asset to this company, and what is a weakness of yours? Or the age-old, “tell me about yourself” part. These are some basic questions that almost every proper interviewee has a prepared answer for. Usually, those are not all of the questions that get asked. Many times, interviewers ask harder questions, and if you’re not prepared for them they could ultimately ruin your chances of getting hired.

Some of these questions might be:

1) What is your dream job?

2) Where do you see your career going?

3) Why do you want to work for us?

4) What would you have done differently at your last job?

5) Why should we hire you?

These types of questions can usually throw people for a loop. If you say your dream job is to be an author but you are interviewing for an IT position does that make or break the interview for you? Should you lie and say your dream job is the position you are applying for? Most think that you should paint your dream job as personality traits. Your dream job might be a place that gives you room for independence and growth. A good answer usually relies on the traits that you are looking for, do you want your dream job to be dynamic, independent, team-oriented? Say those things. 

The point of an interview question is to see how well you are qualified for the position, but these types of questions can deem how motivated you are for the position. If you say that you would’ve changed your pay at your last job, that is a very different response than saying you would’ve liked more hands-on work. If your answer for ‘why should we hire you’ is some response that roughly translates to “it would be your loss if you don’t” that can come off in a bad manner. It can be hard to think of exterior answers to these questions, especially when you aren’t expecting them. This is why you need to do research. Look up hard interview questions to answer and browse some answers to see the language you need to use. 

We can help you prepare yourself for times like these, feel free to contact us if you are in need of some guidance.

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