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Many companies struggle to find quality talent for empty positions. Unfortunately, this struggle sometimes results in them hiring whoever is available instead of hiring the right candidate. Luckily, finding the right candidate is as simple as focusing on the right qualities. While some qualities will depend upon the position, there are several qualities you will want in every new hire.


A Forbes article from earlier this year talked about how integrity is so essential in an employee. We agree completely. That’s why we believe that the Integrity Test is such an important part of finding the ideal candidate. You want someone who is going to be honest and represent your company well. Someone who lacks integrity or who is dishonest could quickly harm or destroy your company’s reputation.  

Work Ethic and Motivation

Unfortunately, you cannot always assess someone’s work ethic and motivation through a resume or even through a job interview. Work sample tests and temp to hire positions will often allow you to understand a person’s real work ethic and motivation to do the job right.

Temp to hire positions are a great way for you to see the person in a real working environment. You can see if the person is a good fit for the company and how the person interacts with other employees. They can prove their work ethic and motivation through their actions, not just through their words.

Dedication to the Company

If you have worked at the same company for twenty or thirty years, you are likely strongly dedicated to the company. A new candidate does not need to have that same level of dedication, but it is important to avoid hiring a candidate who is not committed to the company, especially if the candidate appears to only there for your company’s great benefits or until a better job comes along. Three signs of lack of commitment include:

  • Lack of passion for their work, both previous work and task they would perform for the position
  • Focused on company benefits rather than the job
  • Job hopping for no apparent reason

If you would like to hire quality talent or you want to learn more about finding the perfect job candidate, contact us. To learn more about our methods, you can also download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire.”