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Attracting talent to your company is as simple as offering competitive incentives. Yes, this could include health benefits or a flexible work schedule, but these are the typical options. In order to help your company stand out from the crowd, offer more creative incentives. The following suggestions not only attract a variety of candidates, but also reward employees on personal and professional levels, improve quality of day-to-day life, and ensure future career success. 

On-Site Activity Center or Wellness Program

Putting a gym on company property is nothing new. In 2015 87% of employers claimed to have incorporated some kind of wellness option into their company. And this has had positive results: according to a RAND Corporation study, including a steady decrease in smoking and a 28% reduction in employees calling in sick.

Instead of sticking with the usual, however, go a step further by offering a yoga studio, dance classes, or even an outside walking or jogging trail. Be creative.


Whether it is work-related or used as a reward, travel is a strong motivator. 

A survey done by Strategic Incentives found that 65 percent of respondents strongly agree that travel is a far more memorable reward or bonus than simple cash payments. Find ways to incorporate travel into job descriptions — even if the trips are not long or far away, a small break from the routine is memorable and employees return refreshed and ready to invest more energy into their jobs.


Beating out flexible hours at 37%, health benefits at 41%, and a 401K option at 44%, the most important incentive to 52% job searchers is growth opportunities.

The best way to acquire talented and motivated employees is to offer what they are looking for — ways to grow and improve those talents. Whether this means offering mentoring relationships, training managers to focus on helping their employees constantly advance, or bringing in professionals for special training workshops, this investment is one that will always pay off.


When it comes to attracting top talent, incentives are the natural answer. The key, however, is offering uniquely competitive incentives. All you need is some creativity. Contact us if you need help getting started, for comments, questions, or other feedback.