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One of the toughest parts about applying for a new job is “selling” yourself to a potential employer. Applicants often emphasize their skills and work history, which are of course valuable. However, modern employers are becoming more interested in character rather than accomplishments. Recruiters and managers want to know how you respond to challenges and deal with setbacks in the workplace. Showcasing strength of character lets potential employers know that you stand out from the pack. You can achieve this by showing your GRIT.

What is GRIT?

GRIT is an acronym coined by Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, author of the best-selling book GRIT: The New Science of What it takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed. He describes it as, “Your capacity to dig deep, to do whatever it takes — especially struggle, sacrifice, even suffer — to achieve your most worthy goals.”

  • G – Growth – You may be tempted to brag about your achievements and minimize your failures, but showing that you have learned and grown from past setbacks reveals strength of character that companies want to see in their new hires.
  • R – Resilience – Everybody experiences the occasional work-related failure, but how you respond to it can distinguish you from other applicants. Employers want team members that can roll with the punches, bounce back, and keep moving forward.
  • I – Instinct – Making the right decision, especially in a high-pressure situation, isn’t always easy. Employees with GRIT show an ability to intuitively understand what needs to be done next, without needing to be instructed at every turn.
  • T – Tenacity – Staying focused on a job or task can be tough, especially if unexpected setbacks occur. Successful employees don’t let anything stop them from achieving their goals.

Before your next job interview, take a few minutes to think about times you have shown GRIT in your professional and personal life. Emphasizing your character rather than just your accomplishments can set you apart from other applicants, and get you closer to landing that dream job.

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