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A wise man once revealed the relationship between insanity and expecting different results when doing the same action over and over again. Unfortunately, some hiring managers are still using outdated methods when sourcing for quality talent. The same hiring managers are asking the same old interview questions, even though the job market has changed.

Top companies are now adopting new hiring techniques that include:

Behavioral Interviewing

A new scientific method that weeds out unqualified candidates has been developed. This new technique, commonly called behavioral interviewing, prioritizes a candidate’s character over skills. Whereas traditional hiring managers heavily relied on theoretical assumptions, behavioral interviewing fully integrates facts into the hiring process.

Virtual Reality

Some companies have integrated the most advanced technological methods into their hiring process. One of the latest hiring trends is to use virtual reality to simulate an actual workplace scenario. Candidates are immersed into a virtual office where they have to solve a number of difficult tasks that could be related to the job they have applied for. This helps the company accurately determine if the skills, qualifications, and character strengths of an applicant is a good fit for the position and the company culture.

Predictive Hiring Technology

Successful companies have nurtured and developed the skills of long-term employees. The soft skills of these employees are then used as a benchmark for potential new hires. Hiring managers can use predictive technology to evaluate a candidate’s rigor and ability to take initiative. Predictive technology fine-tunes the hiring process and lowers cost.

Job Auditions

Ron Friedman claims that 81 percent of job applicants present false information during an interview. Companies are using job auditions as a means of weeding out lying interviewees. Auditions can measure a candidate’s handling of high-pressure situations. Job auditions can also minimize or eliminate bias. Candidates can present false or exaggerated information on their resume, but they can’t ace a live audition if they are not actually qualified for the job.

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