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In a world where the nature of work is constantly changing, acquiring talent is a real challenge. Whether you’re sorting through hundreds of applications or trying to recruit one perfect fit for a position, finding the right candidate is often an overwhelming task. To make things easier, try these three best practices to get talented employees on your team.

Look for the ability to gain new skills

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Companies need to hire for the ability to acquire skills, not the skills themselves.” Since it’s impossible to predict how the work environment will change in the future, adaptability is more important than hard skills. Look for candidates who can demonstrate that they have adapted to different work environments. 

Seek innovative attitudes 

Employees who are constantly looking to improve systems and processes will be an asset to any team. This type of talent increases workflow for your entire company. In addition, these employees typically are high producers and positive thinkers. They can improve morale in the workplace and encourage others to achieve great things for your company.

Use social media the right way

As social media companies become more popular, it’s important for companies to use them correctly. If your company has a Facebook account that only lists job postings, you’re doing it wrong. Post a video to show potential recruits a side of your company they wouldn’t get to see with a simple job search. According to a Social Talent article, “LinkedIn predicts video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by the year 2017.” Video will keep you up-to-date with current technology and appeal to talented recruits.

As you begin your search to acquire talent, be sure to use the most current methods and best practices. Find the best fit for your company and watch your profits grow.