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92% of recruiters now use social media as a part of their hiring process, empirically demonstrating that it is now an integral part of acquiring talent. And it is no wonder, as employers post over 60,000 jobs daily on Twitter alone. Whether your company is actively looking to find new people or passively attract new employees, there are several ways to participate in and take advantage of this international phenomena.

Create a Talent Brand

With 75 percent of job seekers claiming to carefully consider the company’s brand before even applying for a job, talent brand is now more important than ever. Carefully creating a brand that clearly and accurately represents your goals and priorities, a brand that can be easily shared on social media, can make the difference between acquiring talent and having it walk away from you before the initial contact is even made.

Enable Sharing

In addition to Twitter, the Society for Human Resource Management found that 54 percent of recruiters also use Facebook, 8 percent use Google+ and YouTube, and 4 percent even use Pinterest. Why? Because these sites maximize efficiency through sharing. Creating sharable media gives your employees a natural way to promote your company, especially if you take advantage of hashtags for company goals and activities.

Allow Referrals

Professional recruiters find 78 percent of their best candidates using employee referral. Connecting your company and your employees to social media allows your top employees to refer you to their connections. These important connections are now just a click away, and through your band, and the positive image your employees have promotes through sharing they most likely already know quite a bit about your company.


Used correctly, social media takes job searching and acquiring top talent to a new level. Carefully controlling your social media presence and talent brand while encouraging your employees to share their work experiences and connections opens doors to finding and acquiring top talent from an incredibly large pool.

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